Weekend Essentials

When the 9-5 weekday work clothes come off, I gotta keep it spiffy with some of my after work and weekend essentials. I was never really a cologne person until I got this Lacoste cologne as a gift from my wife. It tops off my look with a cool, fresh scent. In the past few years I’ve been shaving my head, but through boredom, decided to let it grow out. I was nervous I wasn’t going to be able to give it that straight look (since my hair is somewhat curly)…this Old Spice Spiffy Pomade really works. This is the 3rd product I’ve tried and I’m really liking this one since its creamier rather than a sticky paste. This Lum-Tec M22 was a nice little gift to myself for finishing my apprenticeship. Feels good to finally be a licensed electrician for the IBEW Local 3. Though the tungsten makes it a little heavy, this watch works for all occasions because it feels indestructible. These sunglasses are my first real pair. They’re Brooks Brothers by Ray-Ban. I’ll never go back to those cheapy ones…you can definitely tell the difference in the quality and they fit more comfortably. I don’t go anywhere without my wedding band (well after hours – can’t wear it to work). It’s also tungsten with gold accents around the 3 diamonds. Got this men’s wedding band from Ultra Diamonds. I like the toughness of the tongsten with a touch of class with the diamonds. Never really wanting to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4. Works good but don’t have much to compare it too. Gotta keep it protected with the Spigen Slim Armor case. It’s the only case I’ll ever have for the S4. It looks clean and is not too over the top and bulky. I LOVE all shoes, but am def a Nike head. I’m diggin’ the way these Nike SB Lunar Oneshot look, with the lunar sole and love the lightness of them. The only problem is that they’re very narrow and hurt the sides of my arches a little (#sufferingforstyle). And lastly…that little hand that you see is the best weekend essential of all.

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