If you don’t already know joggers are here and they’re very popular. They come in many different colors, materials, and styles.  Whether it be sweatpants, denim or cotton pants from Cotton On, like I’m wearing in this pic…I dig ’em all. The way they taper at the bottom looks good with just about every sneaker. The jeans and cotton joggers look good and still have the comfort as if I am wearing sweat pants. I’m not really in to a drop crotch style of jogger – they don’t really go with my look and just make me feel like I’m trying to be younger than I am…lol. Who doesn’t like denim? Denim shirts just go with anything and everything. I paired this H&M denim button down shirt (similar found here) with a gap cardigan. The watch is a Luminox which I reviewed in my last post.  Now on to the sneakers…these are the Nike Huarache. When I was growing up I loved these sneakers. To this day it is my favorite silhouette of all time. I couldn’t wait for them to retro this shoe and now that they have I can’t wait to purchase all og models that come out. My go-to glasses are from Brooks Brothers. Nate is wearing his Manhattan sweater from RUUM and the NIKE Air Jordan 13 in black and white (taxi model) (this style’s sold out – may be found on ebay). His favorite uncle John buys him all his Jordans (lucky kid).

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