I can definitely appreciate a nice piece of furniture and might be a little obsessed with HomeGoods. Where else can you go to find such unique pieces at affordable prices? The wifey and I spend about 2 weekends a month “HomeGoods Hopping”. We have 3 different locations in our area that we bounce around to hoping to find that piece we just can’t live without. Sometimes we’ll leave with maybe just a frame, but then there’s that occasion where we’re bringing home yet another end table or ottoman (that we probably don’t even need). The worst is when you see that rare piece of furniture that you just have to have but have no idea where in your house you’ll put it because you’re running out of space…it’s hard to leave those pieces back! This unique rustic end table was almost left behind. We saw it, fell in love, then realized we already had an end table and didn’t need another…but we made room. I love the combination of the dark wood table with the bright white twisted legs. It looks great in our light grey living room – my wife and I are known for loving anything and everything grey. Of course we couldn’t resist this canvas grey accent chair. With the high back, tufted buttons and simple light wood legs, it has a classic, chic look. I think we got the chair for about $300 and the end table for about $150 (frame and flowers also from HomeGoods). Not bad! More decor spotlights to come. #HOMEGOODSHAPPY



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