On the way out to dinner with the wife and Nate, we decided to stop at the park so Nate could have a little play time. It’s always good to keep a pair of sweat pants handy so he doesn’t get his nice pants dirty when being a boy. You can never go wrong with a Polo shirt by POLO Ralph Lauren. It’s classic and will never go out of style. I like this one because it has an extra preppy feel with the navy V trim. I’m always scared to wear white shirts, especially ones I like – usually the first day I wear them they get filthy and stained. This one I’ve actually had for years and managed to keep clean. I paired it with a pair of navy H&M pleated slacks – which happen to be my wife’s favorite pants that I own. The tapered cuff leg is a cool touch and falls nicely on all my boots. These boots are just ridiculous. These are the Eastland Monroe USA Cap Toe Boot. All of their Made in Maine shoes are handcrafted by skilled Maine shoemakers. These boots have beautiful heavy weight, 100% Horween® leather. The wood sole gives it that rich feel and adds another level to the quality. These are probably the most expensive shoes I own and are well worth the money. I can’t help but always throw on my go-to Brooks Brothers glasses. This Timex watch was a gift from the wife. It’s an inexpensive way to add a classic and timeless touch.

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