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Nate’s New Winter Gear!

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This blog is Sponsored by Zappos but all styling, photography, and opinion are my own 🙂 Lately it seems like every year Nate gets a new jacket and snow pants. I wish I was still growing so I could get new gear every year LOL, and this was the first year he picked out all the pieces all by himself!

We were on the Zappos website and were showing Nate the pieces he could choose from and I couldn’t believe he picked out the same ones I was imagining for him. The boy’s got style! He went with the Reimatec Winter Jacket Kaarto in navy, the Reimatec Winter Pants in Marine Blue and the Reima Thermal Set in Melange Grey.

We love shopping on Zappos because we can shop for the entire family at once, and we love their 365 day return policy! I just recently learned that if you’re an Amazon Prime member, which I am, you can also qualify for free expedited shipping, earning points and other exclusive benefits! So when we recently ordered, we of course connected our Prime account to get those Zappos perks!

Nate chose the Reimatec Winter Jacket because he loved the galaxy print. We do too! But we also love that it’s waterproof and a detachable hood because honestly sometimes he wants it and other times he doesn’t! 🙂 Since blue is Nate’s favorite color I knew he was going to choose the Reimatec Winter Pants in that marine blue. It’s such a cool color! We love that they have the suspenders to keep them up while he’s playing or skiing, and they also have an elastic waistband with velcro which is perfect, because Nate is on the skinnier side, so I love that we can cinch them so they fit his little bod better 🙂

Besides the new jacket and snow pants that we got from Zappos, we always get him new thermals. We get him new ones every year, and this year we went with these from Reima. We obviously need them for skiing, but they are just so good to have for layering when it’s super cold out. Whether it’s for outdoor sports, outdoor play, when we go cut down our Christmas tree, or just when we’re outside for extended periods during the winter months, we always make sure Nate’s toasty. They’re super comfy too just to sleep in in the colder months!

Now that Nate’s all set with his new Reima gear from Zappos, now we just need the snow! Check out all the Reima products on Zappos, they have such cute winter pieces for kids! Besides the pieces that Nate got, their winter overalls are so cool! We might have to get him a pair of those as well 🙂

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