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We’re always looking for fun, new things to do with my boy. He’s your typical boy who likes climbing, jumping and just being a maniac. Did some Googling and came across this place we’ve never heard of in CT. Compared it to a few others in the area and this one seemed to have the most activities, so we headed to The Children’s Movement Center in New Milford, CT. It was one of the bigger gyms we had taken him to. Inside it had 2 sections: one for little kids and one for older kids. We didn’t explore the older section but it had really cool activities like a climbing wall, large trampoline, zip-line and a surf machine. The younger kids section had a ball pit, bouncy house, trampoline, some creative swings and a McDonalds styles obstacle course. Nathan was so excited he didn’t even know where to start. The large obstacle course had a little bit of everything – ramps, steps, rope bridges, large yoga bouncy balls and 2 large slides. His favorite thing, though the least active, was the ball pit. This ball pit had a ball cleaning machine that they used at night, 3 days a week to clean and sanitize all of the balls. When playing in the pit, the kids are able to put the balls in this hole that shot the balls back out and then dropped back in the pit. This seemed to be Nate’s favorite thing to do…the process of cleaning the balls lol. Nathan gets so excited every time he sees a bouncy house – we both got our bounce on. He makes jumping and landing on his butt look so easy and painless – not so much for me anymore! We’ll definitely be going back to The Children’s Movement Center. We all had a blast – and it was only $10 for just Nate – even though mommy and daddy got to play too. Maybe next time he’ll give the swings another shot and spend some more time on the trampoline. Since it was a gym day I kept it casual. Got these new jogger sweats from Urban Outfitters – joggers are really the only sweats I like wearing at the moment. Layered my new UO Zanerobe short-sleeve hoodie over an extra long H&M long-sleeve tee for that casual streetstyle look. Thought these retro looking Adidas sneakers fit with this casual street style well. Topped the look off with a Carhartt beanie. Love these – my son’s got the same one!