Rapid fire questions inclusive of my Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System. Watch ’til the end for Nate’s little cameo!


This video was created to show how I use my Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System!


This video was created for Dunkin’s new Signature Latte, showcasing a day in my blogging life and how I run on Dunkin’!


I created this video documenting my pledge for blu’s Pledge World showing me getting up close and personal with the one creature I fear the most, and helping me get one step closer to conquering my fear of sharks!


Cute little video snippet we created showcasing my son and I in our new GAP pajamas during the holidays!


This was our first vacation video using our GoPro! Had so much fun shooting during our Aruba trip while staying at La Cabana.


We created this video to showcase some of our favorite features of our Samsung Family Home, which includes the checklist and music apps!


We created this fun video to promote how LifeWTR believe inspiration & creativity is as essential to life as water!


This video was created to show how the Flipp app helped us save money on groceries & made grocery shopping with my 5 year old a breeze!


We created this video to show how using the Flipp app to find the best deals right from your phones takes the stress away from Black Friday shopping.


Rogaine challenged me to create a video spotlighting my hereditary challenges & how I choose to defy my DNA, while embracing the fact that I am getting older & the hairline is starting to show it!


We created this promotional video to help Jimmy Dean promote their Simple Scrambles. The idea of the video was to show you can have that Saturday morning breakfast any day of the week!


I had the priviledge of being a part of The Magnifier’s “Stand Out & Be Basic” video, sponsored by Axe, during New York Men’s Fashion Week. The whole experience was really cool. The location of The Art Factory in New Jersey was amazing. It was old industrial building that had art painted on the outside of it and on the inside you could also find all sorts of amazing artwork with a bunch of different rooms. You’ll see in the video that myself, and the other 2 bloggers all had 3 very different and unique rooms, set-up for each of our styles. I was in a room that was cave-like, Anthony had beautiful light bulbs everywhere, and Vaardon had graffiti in his. The actual experience started out to be a little nerve-racking for me because it has always been a fear of mine to be in front of the camera. But, that same fear is what made me do it! The only way to get over something and feel more comfortable is by continuing to do it. I was actually more comfortable in front of the camera than I thought I would be and really had a lot of fun! I’m hoping to get more opportunities to participate in more videos. For the full article, CLICK HERE.

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