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Fall = Comfy…Jeans?

Lee Jeans Outfit

Everybody loves denim and what’s great about denim is that there are so many different styles to choose from, that you can always find a pair that’s perfect for you. The Lee® Extreme Motion Skinny Fit Jeans from JCPenney are the perfect jean to add to your wardrobe. First and foremost…they’re super comfortable, which let’s be honest, is one of the most important things when picking out your wardrobe (in my opinion)! Because of the comfort, they’re the perfect jean for someone who isn’t really comfortable going the skinny jean route, but does want that fitted style. They have a slim fit, and you can even get them a little snugger because of the elastic waist and the stretch fabric. There’s a lot of denim jeans out there that are just so tight and uncomfortable you don’t even want to squeeze into them or if you do, you can’t wait to take them off! With these Lee Skinnies, the denim still feels like denim, but are soft and have a lot of give…which I like!

With my first look, I wore the dark blue wash or “night wander” Lee® skinny jeans and paired them with this Ely Cattleman Western Shirt from JCPenney. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fan of western style shirts and as soon as I saw the eagle embroidery I was sold on this one…love the embroidery and piping details! Pairing this shirt with the dark denim really helped play up the tough vibes of this western shirt. I took some shots both with my black hat and without because I couldn’t tell if I was diggin’ the extra cowboy kinda vibe 🙂 or if it was a bit much. And in turn, after looking back, I’m all about the full-on western vibes with the hat! Normally when I wear dark denim with an outfit like this I almost always go with a dark denim that has a snugger fit, but with this pair, because of the elastic, I could barely tell how fitted they were. Like I said, I’m all about that comfort!

(scroll past this look for my 2nd look!)

Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit  Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit Lee Jeans Outfit

With the lighter blue “blue prodigy” Lee® Extreme Motion Skinny Jeans from JCPenney I went with a lighter look overall, and paired them with this sunlight yellow Cubavera Button-Front Shirt, and a pair of white Converse, also both from JCPenney. I’m all about the vacay kinda vibes, so with this look it gives me all the feels without being overly tropical in the wrong setting. 🙂 I really love how all these pieces compliment each other and keep it light and casual, but still feels put-together to go grab a bite and a drink with wifey! Just like the darker wash, these jeans have just the right amount of stretch, the perfect length to fall right above my shoes just like I like them, and they keep the look fitted and clean, without feeling too uncomfortably tight. As a dad, this kinda style is a must because one minute I’ll be shooting for my blog, the next I’ll be grabbing a drink with my boo, and the next I’ll be throwing a ball around and chasing my 7 year old son, Nate! I of course like to look my best, but also like to feel comfortable. Besides the stretch denim fabric I also love the comfort of the elastic band around my waist. As I always say, comfort is the key to confidence when rocking a look!

This post is sponsored by JCPenney and Lee.

Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit Lee Jeans Men's Outfit

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Versatile Outdoor Style With JCPenney

Men's Rugged Style

Men's Rugged Style Men's Fashion Blogger Men's Outdoor Style Men's Outdoor Style Men's Outdoor Collection at JCPenney Men's Outdoor Collection at JCPenney Men's Camo Outfit Men's Rugged Outdoor Style

No season is as cozy as fall! It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather and the outdoors. Whether it’s just walking around the city, visiting a cute town, or enjoying nature, this time of year just makes you want to be outside, and I love doing it all! I partnered up with JCPenney to show you a versatile look that I put together from their new Men’s Outdoor Collection, that you can easily wear while grabbing a coffee in town and then at the same time, be perfect for an outdoor adventure, like walking around or hiking a state park. In my case, we went on a hike near New Paltz, NY. We love it up there!

I love wearing olive this time of year. Well, I like wearing olive anytime of year, but I definitely tend to dial it up starting in the fall. These St. John’s Bay Outdoor Stretch Slim Fit Joggers are perfect. They’re comfortable, have a great fit, and I love the cargo pockets. The jogger style elastic at the bottom of the pants set them apart from other olive cargo pants that I have in my wardrobe. I also think the elastic bottom definitely aids in the comfort of these pants, as well as making them fall perfectly above my sneaker, where I like all pants to fall! Great fit, great color, great price!

I can’t believe I don’t have more camo in my closet! I think the correct camo piece can definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. It never really goes out of style and it’s a very masculine piece to wear, but also has a bit of edge to it depending on how you style it. I love this American Outdoorsman Camo Pullover! The orange details and zipper really caught my eye and made this piece stand out to me. I love the outdoorsy print and the neutral colors with that pop of neon orange. Oh and the comfort…it’s like putting on a teddy bear LOL. I already know this is going to be one of my go-to pieces all fall and into winter. Besides styling it with this look, I can see myself rocking this on all future hikes, keeping cozy on the sidelines at Nate’s sports games, or heading to our local farm for our apple cider donuts. 🙂 I just know it’s going to be that top I throw on every weekend for some quick family errands.

Now let’s get to the vest from American Outdoorsman. This vest is what pulls the whole look together. I felt like I really needed a layer and love the “clay” color of this vest. With the camo and then the green pants, I felt like I needed something neutral to balance it all out. Like the pants, I also love all of the pockets on this piece…both for style and function! When you’re out and about all day, extra pockets definitely comes in handy. I hate having too much in my pants pockets and feeling bulky on the bottom, so this way I have plenty of pockets to spread the love. I know my wife would appreciate me carrying my own stuff instead of always throwing everything of mine in her bag. LOL

I really love how this look from JCPenney came together! When you’re dressing for the outdoors, most of the time, you don’t really think about style too much, and you’re more concerned with function, but I felt like the combination of these pieces hit all the marks: function, style and edginess. Like I said before, this look can easily be taken from the woods to the streets! Shop the new Men’s Outdoor Collection at JCPenney here!

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Greens for Mother’s Day

Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep

Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep Men's Lifestyle Blog | BlueCollarPrep

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in NY. The sun’s out, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom, and Mother’s Day is around the corner! I love holidays, especially ones where you get to show your appreciation and love for the special woman in your life. This woman does it all, and is the best wifey and mommy to her 2 boys. From laundry, to cleaning, to helping Nate with his school projects, shooting and editing all of my blog photos, and working her day job, it’s no wonder she freaks out that there’s not enough time in the day sometimes! She works from home so she’s in her office a lot and has slowly been trying to redo her space and make it less chaotic and more of an inspiring work space, so I thought us helping her with this would be the perfect gift!

This Mother’s Day I teamed up with JCPenney, to show you that you don’t have to break the bank on a gift, and also be able to find that piece you know she’ll love. From jewelry to apparel and home decor to those unique gifts you wouldn’t normally think of, JCPenney has a huge selection. They’re the one-stop shop for just about any Mother’s Day gift you can think of, with the best prices. No matter what kind of gift I decided to go with I knew I could find it here. Now I know I could have just went the easy route and stopped by the jewelry department and picked up something there, but I wanted to do something a little different this year.

She loves green plants. Real or fake, she just loves adding them to our home. We have a bunch of cacti, a palm, and then some little fake guys mixed in all around our house. And I do agree, they just add that freshness to our space. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of light in our house and most of the plants, besides the cactus, end up dying. My wife has been talking about finding a faux hanging plant for her office corner, so Nate and I took to to do some searching, and luckily, we found what we were looking for! They had the perfect plant with just the right amount of droopiness! It’s the perfect size, is potted in a clean, white pot, and looks close to being real! It’s actually really pretty and I’m pretty proud of ourselves for finding it!

We picked up a white ceiling hook, and as soon as we hung it up, we knew she was going to love it! It hangs at just the right height, right above her desk decor and really completes that part of the room, and adds some depth to her new wall tapestry. We did good, Nate! We couldn’t wait for mommy to come home and see her new plant. We were right, she loved it! Just sitting at her new desk in her office that is slowly starting to come together, I can definitely see how working in a space like this, is much more relaxing when she’s juggling so much on the day to day. We love you mommy and appreciate all you do!

Check out this plant we found on! It will seriously add the perfect touch of leafy greens to any room, whether you get that natural sunlight or not! We love it!

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BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney

BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney  BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney BlueCollarPrep for JCPenney

I’ve partnered up with JCPenney to show you how I pieced together 2 of their pieces to create this fall look. With so many great affordable brands to choose from I decided to go with these great Arizona Chino Flex Joggers (in Winter Moss Green) and this Arizona Short-Sleeve Baseball Tee. I completed my look with a denim jacket that I already owned. I love how olive and denim go together! The best part about this outfit is that even though it looks great, I was also really comfortable. The baseball shirt is a padded jersey material (I love the little bit of texture) and the joggers are somewhat thin – which gave it that flowy look and a great fit, and made them so comfortable. As an added accessory, we took out my wife’s 79 Corvette to take in some local scenery at a farm not too far from my house. What guy doesn’t like taking photos with a classic car like this! I love the fact that I can hop on a train to the city and still live so close to this beautiful area! My entire look from JCPenney was under $60 and it was #SoWorthIt! (blog post sponsored by @JCPenney #ad)

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BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep

My wife and I are always looking for ways to stay active and to try fun, new things to do together. We both recently started taking up golfing. My little man has also started…he looks too cute holding his new little golf bag! Most of the time we go golfing we usually try to make it a date night by following it up with dinner and some drinks. It can be kind of tricky to choose an outfit that I can wear golfing and be able to head straight to cocktails with little to no changing of the clothes. In comes my MSX by Michael Strahan Stretch Chino Pants from JCPenney. The polyester/spandex material makes them comfy enough to go golfing in (or to chase Nate around in) and will dry quickly to hide any sweat marks before I head out for a drink 🙂 I decided to do one of my favorite color combos and go full-on monochromatic. I paired the pants with a navy form-fitting shirt and pair of navy Converse. The pants are a very classic fit (and lightweight, and did I mention super comfortable with a bit of stretch?!) and I like more of a tight leg, so I decided to tight roll the bottom of the pants (which I actually do to a lot of my pants lately). To change the look from casual to a little more dressy, I paired them with my brown monk-strap shoes…navy and brown just always look so good together! I think both shoe styles work really well with this outfit, and really shows off the versatility of these Chino Pants!