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I’m sure by now you all know that I’m an electrician during the day and content creator at all other times! As soon as I get home from the job site I immediately pop in the shower to wash off the grime from the day. And let me tell you, some days I can get really grimy LOL

For the past 2 years my body wash and soap of choice has been the Raw Sugar Men’s products. I first discovered it at Target and immediately fell in love. I actually started out using only their Body Wash because I was never really a bar of soap kinda guy, but since then that’s definitely changed for me.

The Raw Sugar Men’s Citrus + Blue Agave Body Wash smells so good. It’s like they captured the scent of clean in a bottle and as soon as I start scrubbing my body, I immediately start feeling fresh. It’s deep cleaning, but also hydrating, which I need because I’m out in the elements a lot, so I need a body wash that’s not going to dry my already dry skin out! There’s no sulfates and parabens, and it’s gentle for dry skin. I love it. Even though it’s part of their men’s line my wife loves it and uses it too.

So honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever used a bar of soap in the shower until recently! Is that weird? I’ve just always preferred body wash to a bar. However, lately, I’m kinda obsessed with using the Raw Sugar Men’s Soap Bar. I get such a good lather with it! And check out my images – look at those little nubs on one side. They work great for keeping a good grip on the bar and you get a nice little massage on your bod when you lather 🙂 The bar I have now is a mix of Eucalyptus + Cedar Leaf and again, it smells so good, without being too strong of a scent. It’s also hydrating, which is amazing because a lot of other soap bar brands seem to dry me out – I honestly think that’s why I originally stopped using bars. But Raw Sugar convinced me to switch back and I’m official a bar of soap kinda guy!

I tend to switch back and forth between their body wash and the bar of soap so I get the best of both worlds. I just love their products and definitely want to try the Black Coconut + Sea Salt bar next! Doesn’t that sound yummy? If you’ve never tried Raw Sugar Living products before, you definitely need to try them out. They are officially my go-to for shower products and I always just feel so soft and fresh after each wash! My wife loves it too, and she loves the scent of their product on her hubby. 🙂

The Raw Sugar Initiative makes the world a cleaner, healthier place. Visit to learn more.



Another month into the beard and I finally found a barber who knows how to shape it up. I had to get rid of my last one because they just weren’t getting’ it! This month I decided to add a few more products to my beard routine. I got the Badrick’s Beard Kit which includes Da Balm, Mug Scrub and LSB (Lock, Stock & Barrel) Bar. They hit their packaging right on the head – it’s super simple with a vintagy feel. The LSB Bar is pretty cool because you’re able to use it all over your entire head…you can wash your face, hair & beard all with the same bar of soap. This stuff smells absolutely amazing. You really cannot get a better smelling anything! I honestly think it should be a candle lol. The tobacco & vanilla scent definitely leaves your beard smelling good – it smells just like you would think plus a fresh, clean smell. Next up I use the Mug Scrub. This helps with flaky skin, clogged pores and embedded facial hair. I used to use my wife’s facial scrub, but now it’s nice to have a manly product to use on my face! The fragrance is almost the same as the bar of soap except it has a little deeper scent to it. I use this the same days I use the bar of soap (probably about 3-4 days a week). I use Da Balm right after the shower when my beard is still slightly damp. I was skeptical of it at first due to its thickness and because it was so different than the oils and previous moisturizers I’ve used. It appears as a beard paste but its a lightweight balm used to promote beard growth and eliminate dryness & redness. I really like the way it leaves my beard feeling. This scent is called Natural Organic Tee Tree Oil – the one thing I do wish, is that they were able to capture the Tobacco & Vanilla smell in this balm…just because I love it so much!  This alone can be used as an oil, but due to it’s healing properties I use this after the shower, at night ,before bed. Between my Stubble & ‘Stache cleanser & conditioner, Badrick’s soap, scrub & balm and KillerBearOil oils & comb, I’ve got a nice collection of guy products in my stash to keep this beard growing strong! A big thanks to all these companies for the support! Without these products this beard would’ve been shaved off by now lol Check these guys out!