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My Go-to Jacket Brand & An Exciting Announcement!

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather JacketsA leather coat is one of those essential pieces that everyone should own. There’s so many different styles of leather jackets you can always find the perfect jacket no matter what your style is. When it comes to leather, quality to me, is one of the most important aspects in picking the right brand to go with. These jackets are an investment and if you treat them right they will be with you forever and are well worth it!

Growing up I was always into military style pieces. My father worked at the docks in Brooklyn and we always visited Army/Navy stores together when I was younger. I think that’s probably what really ignited my love for the armed forces kind of vibe. Unfortunately, I was never able to own a leather jacket growing up, so I knew that once I was in a position to get my own, it would have to be a quality leather!

Cockpit USA is one of my all time favorite outerwear brands! Not only are they top quality, but I love that when I style them, their jackets just have this bit of edge to them that I like. Now their edge doesn’t come from trying to be edgy, but it actually just comes from staying authentic to iconic American civilian and military design. Cockpit USA has been around for over 40 years, and they continue to make jackets that are suitable for pilots and guys like us that want bad ass jackets – like some of the styles I’m rocking here. Whether it’s a bomber, sheepskin, leather, textile or a varsity jacket, they are definitely one of those brands, that just delivers such sick pieces with that top-notch quality that I love. I also love that they make kids jackets as well. When we visited the Cockpit showroom not too long ago, it was one of the rare times that I saw Nate actually get excited about a jacket! He loved the camo & leather bomber so we had to get them!

I currently own 4 Cockpit jackets and Nate owns 3! I linked the ones that are still available here:
Aces & Eights Flight Jacket
M51 DMZ Fishtail Shell
Kids Top Gun G-1 Jacket
Kids Camouflage Field Jacket

Whenever I wear any of my Cockpit jackets, they pretty much just make the outfit. I usually keep it simple underneath and let the jacket be that statement piece on top. Whenever I share a look on my Instagram page (@BlueCollarPrep) featuring one, I always get such positive feedback and so much love for them. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of their sheepskin jackets! They are just so top-level, and the sexiness and quality is on point. I seriously need one!

With such a love for this brand, I was super excited when they had an interest in my beanies from my brand BLUE. They’ll be carrying a few select colors of ours on their website: camel, gold & neon orange! Check them out here! I’ve actually worn each of these colors with one of their jackets at some point and definitely agree these will fit perfectly in with the vibe of their brand. I couldn’t be more excited that such an iconic brand, that is one of my all-time faves, will be offering the BlueCollarPrep Watch Cap to their dedicated customers & featuring Nate and I in their Joint Forces collection.

If you’re in the market for a quality jacket that you want to elevate your looks, and have that quality that will allow the piece to last forever, Cockpit USA is a brand to check out. I’ve always been a fan, and now my son is as well! Make sure to pick up one of my Watch Caps before you complete the purchase and tag my brand @Not.The.Color.Blue on IG if you rock it!

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Versatile Outdoor Style With JCPenney

Men's Rugged Style

Men's Rugged Style Men's Fashion Blogger Men's Outdoor Style Men's Outdoor Style Men's Outdoor Collection at JCPenney Men's Outdoor Collection at JCPenney Men's Camo Outfit Men's Rugged Outdoor Style

No season is as cozy as fall! It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather and the outdoors. Whether it’s just walking around the city, visiting a cute town, or enjoying nature, this time of year just makes you want to be outside, and I love doing it all! I partnered up with JCPenney to show you a versatile look that I put together from their new Men’s Outdoor Collection, that you can easily wear while grabbing a coffee in town and then at the same time, be perfect for an outdoor adventure, like walking around or hiking a state park. In my case, we went on a hike near New Paltz, NY. We love it up there!

I love wearing olive this time of year. Well, I like wearing olive anytime of year, but I definitely tend to dial it up starting in the fall. These St. John’s Bay Outdoor Stretch Slim Fit Joggers are perfect. They’re comfortable, have a great fit, and I love the cargo pockets. The jogger style elastic at the bottom of the pants set them apart from other olive cargo pants that I have in my wardrobe. I also think the elastic bottom definitely aids in the comfort of these pants, as well as making them fall perfectly above my sneaker, where I like all pants to fall! Great fit, great color, great price!

I can’t believe I don’t have more camo in my closet! I think the correct camo piece can definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. It never really goes out of style and it’s a very masculine piece to wear, but also has a bit of edge to it depending on how you style it. I love this American Outdoorsman Camo Pullover! The orange details and zipper really caught my eye and made this piece stand out to me. I love the outdoorsy print and the neutral colors with that pop of neon orange. Oh and the comfort…it’s like putting on a teddy bear LOL. I already know this is going to be one of my go-to pieces all fall and into winter. Besides styling it with this look, I can see myself rocking this on all future hikes, keeping cozy on the sidelines at Nate’s sports games, or heading to our local farm for our apple cider donuts. 🙂 I just know it’s going to be that top I throw on every weekend for some quick family errands.

Now let’s get to the vest from American Outdoorsman. This vest is what pulls the whole look together. I felt like I really needed a layer and love the “clay” color of this vest. With the camo and then the green pants, I felt like I needed something neutral to balance it all out. Like the pants, I also love all of the pockets on this piece…both for style and function! When you’re out and about all day, extra pockets definitely comes in handy. I hate having too much in my pants pockets and feeling bulky on the bottom, so this way I have plenty of pockets to spread the love. I know my wife would appreciate me carrying my own stuff instead of always throwing everything of mine in her bag. LOL

I really love how this look from JCPenney came together! When you’re dressing for the outdoors, most of the time, you don’t really think about style too much, and you’re more concerned with function, but I felt like the combination of these pieces hit all the marks: function, style and edginess. Like I said before, this look can easily be taken from the woods to the streets! Shop the new Men’s Outdoor Collection at JCPenney here!

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Struttin’ the Boardwalk in OppoSuits

NY Menswear Blogger

NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Menswear Blogger

Going to different summer events like BBQ’s and parties are fun, but I’m always looking for new ways to make a statement and have a little more fun dressing up. Sometimes it’s even fun making weekend activities and adventures into an outing that feels event-like just by dressing up. Nate and I teamed up with OppoSuits to show you their bold and fun suits to make your next event a memorable one and show up making a statement. OppoSuits makes both long and short sleeve suits with fun patterns and colors with all types of themes. You can get an assortment of solid colors like pink, blue and yellow or fun patterns like pineapples and flamingos, or you can even get holiday specific suits. They have a suit for every occasion you can think of. Besides making mens and kids suits, they also make suits for woman as well…which I think is pretty rad!

I actually let Nate pic our matching suits and I thought for sure he was going to go with the super hero, but I think mommy rubbed off on him and he went with a colorful 90’s pattern suit. Even though I dug his choice, I could tell right away that no matter what suit we chose, when we threw on these matching outfits we were for sure going to turn some heads! (and we did) The first thing I thought of when I saw this suit was Saved by the Bell. I guess that would make Nate Zack. But does that make me Screech or A.C. Slater? LOL I’m hoping A.C.

This past weekend we wanted to head down to Coney Island for the day and take Nate on some rides at Luna Park, so I felt like it would be a fun opportunity to make going to an amusement park a little more fun by gettin’ dressed up in our Testival suits! I could not believe how many people came up to us saying how much they liked our outfits and how cute we looked. We looked like we knew how to party! LOL To be honest, at first, I was a little nervous on how Nate was going to react in his louder than normal attire. I feel like now that he’s getting older I notice he can tend to get embarrassed when he thinks he might garner some extra attention. However, he wasn’t phased at all! He was just strutting down the boardwalk like it was his runway!

I really like the fact that the suit I wore came with shorts, a short-sleeve jacket, and a tie…which makes it perfect for summer events. They also had the same suit in long sleeve as well. I really liked how the shorts fit and I can see myself wearing this shorts pattern with a solid top in more of my day-to-day fits as well. I’m not afraid of the bold colors from time to time!

We really had such a fun day in Coney Island last weekend, and I honestly think dressing up bold and colorful and twinning with my mini-me played a part. It just made the day feel a little more festive! Check out OppoSuits for more fun prints. I’m also diggin’ the pineapples and palm trees!

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BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that one of the hottest trends not only in men’s fashion but in footwear alone is the Chelsea boot, and I’m a huge fan! Some of these brands sell them for upwards to $1000, so it was nice to see that Shoeology makes and sells them for less than $100! (You don’t always have to break the bank to follow trends) I paired these Thompson Brown Chelsea Boots with black pants, this rust vintage button down, my black leather and this green fedora (just to add a little pop of color, but not over the top) I felt like the look was sort of that old school Brooklyn vibe 🙂 The distressed brown on the boots gives them that worn-in, casual look but the subtle sheen on the leather keeps them a little dressy. If you don’t own any yet and are hesitant to try a chelsea boot, due to the more refined look and narrow shoe silhouette, these are a good pair to start off on – price-wise and they’re one of the more rugged styles I own, for you manly men! 😛


BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio

BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio BlueCollarPrep for SENEStudio

I got the opportunity to be part of Suitable’s re-branding to become SENE.  It was a pretty cool experience that ended with me getting an amazing suit and some great shots thanks to Kevin Chungg. Besides getting to meet their amazing crew, I also got to try on and pick a suit to add to my collection. I visited their showroom and tried on a few jackets but when I felt the wool and silk material of the 01 Suit in Speckled Desert I knew it was the one. I have to be honest…out of all the suits I didn’t think I would of went with a brown suit, but sometimes the suit picks you LOL. We paired the suit with their Monk Shirt in Oxford White – it’s a perfect way to still have a classic look but with a little edge. It’s always fun to get the opportunity to shoot with a company or another photographer (not that you don’t do an amazing job babe haha). I also got a chance to style one of their blue and black checkered double breasted suit jackets. And by style, I mean throw it over my outfit that I wore to meet the SENE crew LOL. It just so happened to look great with my outfit so we decided to shoot it as well! I cannot wait to get my custom suit from them! Be sure to check out my feature on their blog as well! #MySENE

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#100PiecesOfPerry | PERRY ELLIS

BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis

BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis BlueCollarPrep for Perry Ellis

I partnered up with the classic menswear brand, Perry Ellis, to take part in their #100PiecesofPerry campaign to showcase their fall collection. Perry Ellis decided to re-imagine the traditional runway show and take the concept to the streets with their fall collection. Follow along as the digital runway unfolds at #100PiecesOfPerry! I got to style and show how I would rock an all blue monochromatic look. This Large Plaid Wool Jacket is a perfect way to rock flannel without it being just another flannel shirt. I mean bomber + flannel = 🙂 right? I wore this blue long-sleeve button down and navy dress pant as well. I added a cuff to the bottom of my pants (as I seem to do more often than not) and added a tan/brown belt to add some texture and to break up the colorblocking just a bit! The hint of tan also compliments the navy and matched the details in the white Vans I wore. You know me, I always seem to sporty up my dressier looks!

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BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep

This is probably hard to believe or maybe if you know me, not so hard, but I actually don’t own a suit! Well I used to not own a suit. I never really had any where to wear them or a need for one. The only time I wore one is when I had a wedding to attend. The last one I purchased was actually for my own wedding back in 2010. I was a little larger at the time so it no longer fits me and I was definitely in the market for one. When I got the chance to partner up with INC (exclusively sold at Macy’s), I figured it was a great chance to grab some suit pieces. I actually really love dressing up in suits! I feel like there’s so many different ways to style a suit and so many accessories you can add to them to make them unique. I don’t really have any of those accessories just yet, but be sure to be on the look out for some as my suit collection grows! I decided to go with their INC Easton Blazer and their INC Easton Dress Pants…I thought it would be great for summer. What really stood out to me about this one, was the the length of the pants and the hemmed cuff – they fit and fall perfectly. Sometimes it can be hard to find pants that are the right length. I decided to keep it clean and light and paired it with their INC Cason Short-Sleeve Shirt in White. It’s very comfortable and is made with cotton and linen which gives it a little different texture than your normal plain white button down – it’s a tad stiffer, which makes it stay and look cleaner. My wife actually told me she thought it was going to rain today so I brought along their INC Parker Hooded Raincoat…another piece that I didn’t previously own until today. I actually like the idea of using the rain coat as an alternative to wearing the sport coat with it. You’re still able to have a clean look but it gives it more of that casual feel. I kept it clean and sporty with a pair of slip on white Vans. You should already know how much I love my slip on sneakers and shoes! (#ad #INCinternationalconcepts)