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Old Navy 4th of July Looks

Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July Looks Old Navy 4th of July LooksNow that summer has officially kicked off and July is right around the corner, Nate and I can’t wait for July 4th! Nathan is super patriotic and loves all things American, so it was fun to pick out these outfits with him. We teamed up with one of our favorite brands, Old Navy, to get coordinating outfits for July’s BBQ season. With this beautiful NY weather, and school finally out, we can’t help but want to constantly be outside exploring, so we took Nate to a local farm to just roam around and get fresh apple cider donuts. This is normally one of our fall routines, but we were just in the mood to be outside and figured we’d see what goodies we could get this time of year.

On the way to the farm, Nate spotted a huge American Flag on the side of a barn so we had to check it out and take some shots in front of it! Nate and I both wore black (panther) Old Navy shorts. Nate’s wearing the Canvas Cut-Off Shorts and I’m wearing the 6″ Built-In Flex Shorts. I really love the length of these shorts and love the fact that Old Navy has so many different lengths to choose from. I like my shorts on the short side, and they aren’t always easy to find. I know a lot of guys don’t feel comfortable wearing a shorter length, so it’s nice that Old Navy provides different length options! Vintage style band shirts will never go out of style. They’re just classic! They have a vintage American feel that is perfect for those summer time vibes. The pairing of my Rolling Stones 3/4-Sleeve Tee with the slightly distressed black color shorts and these Round Top-Bar Sunglasses with the blue mirrored lens had me feeling like a summer time rock star!

Nate paired his panther shorts with the Soft-Washed Printed Mini Blue Stripe shirt which has a seersucker kind of stripe and an American Flag peace sign. I have to say, the only thing I don’t like about this shirt is that they don’t make a matching shirt for men! I love it. Nate actually has an Old Navy jacket from last season with the same peace sign and I love that on too! Of course he had to have the American Flag Sunglasses (unfortunately they’re sold out, but still might be in your local Old Navy) to match our Americana outfits and I think it was just what he needed to play up those USA vibes!

We are both officially ready for the 4th of July. Hope everyone has a happy and safe one!

Family Reviews Style

Back-2-School in Old Navy


BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep

I can’t believe summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. This time of year is always bitter sweet, because the weather and long days will soon be taking a shift, but we also look forward to the different activities each season has to offer! This September is even more memorable for us, because my little Nate is finally starting kindergarten! My wife and son are super excited, but I’m not feeling as enthusiastic about it. Knowing that Nate is growing up and starting this new chapter in his life is a reminder that he won’t always be my little boy. With that said, now that he’s heading into the first school year, that means it’s BACK-2-SCHOOL SHOPPING TIME! (and not just for Nate, but for myself too LOL) Let’s be real, I can’t go shopping and not get some new pieces for myself as well! This fall season we teamed up with Old Navy to #SayHi and show you our back to school looks. Prior to being a dad, I’ve always hated when fathers and their sons wore matching plaid shirts, and I always told myself I would not be that cheesy dad. However, fast forward to me now, and I absolutely love any chance I can get to match with Nate. Although, I just try and do it in a more subtle way – maybe we’re less matchy matchy and more about coordinating. I love color-blocking and wearing monochrome looks, so I picked these Olive Pants, with the built-in Old Navy Flex Twill, which makes it easy and comfortable to get that fitted jean look without sacrificing comfort. I paired them with a different tone of olive and went with the Old Navy Lightweight Hooded Anorak Jacket. This jacket is the perfect fall staple! I wanted to go in a different direction than I normally would and add in some color, so I broke up the shades of green with the Old Navy Garment-Dyed Fleece Sweatshirt in their Brick Yard color. The dye process gave the sweatshirt a subtle, cool vintage look. Nate is usually drawn to fun, bold prints, so he picked out the Old Navy Sneaker-Printed Fleece Sweatshirt on his own. He thought it was super comfy and loved the little sneakers. He has a fun pair of grey Old Navy slip-ons from last season, that went perfectly with this grey sweatshirt…he takes after his daddy and loves slip-on sneakers! We used the color red to coordinate our outfits, so Nate wore the red Old Navy Hooded Uniform Jacket, which looks similar to mine (and like me, he always loves when we have similar pieces). Nate lives in joggers and rarely wears jeans, but didn’t mind wearing these Old Navy Distressed Karate Skinny Jeans because of their stretchy fit. I don’t know if it’s because I rarely see him in jeans, but I just thought he looked more like a little big-boy than ever – all ready for school! And I love how his little chicken legs look in them LOL. Can’t wait to see this little school boy head off to his first day of big-boy school! 🙁