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Color Baby Portrait Tattoo

I am huge tattoo fan and constantly looking at tattoo artists and their artwork. Unfortunately, like many others, I regret my first tattoo (tribal, which I will not show!). Once I started getting that tattoo itch again, I searched for years for a tattoo artist and a tattoo that was worth putting on my body. At this point I felt that every tattoo needed to have a meaning after the first one had no meaning and now will eventually be removed. Now that I’ve learned, I would never just go to any tattoo parlor and throw anything on my body. It also kills me when people tell me the reason they chose a certain tattoo studio is because they’ve gotten a good deal on it! Being from NY its hard to find (in my eyes) a good tattoo artist for less than $300 – $500/hr. Once I finally figured out what I wanted as my next tattoo, the search to find a tattoo artist that I liked and what I could afford was the next hardest task. I started looking for tattoo artists outside of NY and while searching a very well known tattoo artists’ site (Shane O’Neil), I came across Steve Wimmer’s profile. After looking at his art I knew this was definitely someone I’d like to get tattooed by. Seeing that his art was so good I was skeptical the price was going to be outrageous. In my eyes it wasn’t and it ended up being a good fit. Some people think driving 4 hrs for a tattoo is nuts. This tattoo is going to be on your body for the rest of your life. For me driving 4 hrs is worth it (I drive 4 hours just to go skiing for the day). I wasn’t sure what photo I was gonna get until the night before and then I remember looking over and seeing this picture of my son making a funny growling face. It just reminds me a little of myself – I can see me taking that same photo. I also know that every time I look down at this tattoo it will make me smile. The tattoo came out amazing. I am constantly getting stopped in public to look at it and compliments and will be going back in October to get my 3rd tattoo from him (in the direction of completing my sleeve). More tattoos to come…