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Nobody Doesn’t Like SaraLee :)

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This time of year is really the most magical time of year! Right from Thanksgiving, up until New Year’s it’s filled with so much fun, activities and family time and I absolutely love it! With that said, it’s also the busiest time of year. Between work, shopping, fun time with the family, and all the holiday parties, we’re barely left with any spare time. As much as I enjoy baking, especially with my son Nate because he loves to bake, when it gets this hectic and our time is limited, I just rely on the fan favorite Sara Lee Desserts!

Sara Lee is just that brand that you remember when you were younger. Your grandparents had it, your parents bought it, and now I’m buying it for my family. Besides being so good, it just makes you feel cozy. I love the ease of being able to have a delicious cake or pie anytime I want but without the hassle, time and mess. The best thing about it is that I can grab it from my local grocery store and just keep it frozen until it’s time to enjoy. I myself usually always go for the Dutch Apple Pie or a cheesecake. Nothing’s better than warm apple pie with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream….mmmmm so good! My mother-in-law is the one that actually got me hooked on their cheesecake! The first time we had it together she would always talk about how it reminded her of her childhood and that her mother used to always buy it for them as a kid. Even though it wasn’t my childhood, it felt nostalgic for me too.

When I went to pick up my Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie, I brought Nate with me, and he told me he wanted to try the All Butter Pound Cake this time. Normally his favorite one to grab is always the Chocolate Creme Pie but since we already had some left of this one from our last trip, he decided he wanted to try something new! I was really excited because I feel like the pound cake is one of the most underrated cakes there is. It doesn’t get the street cred it deserves.

Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t have all the frosting and sprinkles is what makes it so good! The flavor just speaks for itself and you can dress it up anyway you like! I couldn’t believe this was the first time both my wife and son were trying pound cake! They both love plain, buttery treats, so I couldn’t believe they had never had it before. This time around we kept it kind of simple with just some whipped cream and I was shocked at how much Nate was loving it.

I mean this kid has around 4 brownie sundaes a week LOL, so he knows his desserts! I wasn’t sure if he was going to tell me it was a little plain but all he kept saying was “can I have another piece?” LOL I always knew I loved their pound cake, so I was happy that Nate and my wife agreed with me. He did say he was curious about what other things we could add to it for next time, but that’s what makes pound cake so good…you can keep it plain or switch it up anyway you want. Even as I’m writing this, it shocks me that this was a cake was ever even frozen! It’s easy to forget because it’s so good.

With the Christmas music playing, tree lights on, Nate running around with his little Elfie in hand, my wife wrapping gifts, and our Sara Lee Desserts about to be served, I just love this time of year so much. It was so great sharing Nate’s first Sara Lee Pound Cake experience with him. Just sitting at the counter together with silly conversations over our Sara Lee pound cake and pie had me feeling the same way my mother-in-law was speaking about her childhood with her parents. We’re continuing the traditions over here with Sara Lee Desserts!

If you’re like us and running around with little time to bake this year, check out the SaraLee Desserts in the frozen foods aisle at your local grocery store. Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like SaraLee! 🙂