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Got2B Fighting that Thinning Hair!

Got2b Product Review

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Got2b Product Review Got2b Product Review Got2b Product Review Got2b Product Review Got2b Product Review Got2b Product Review

Got2b Product Review

Listen up…I’m gonna be real! As many of you can see, I’m not getting any younger LOL. So, it’s more important than ever for me to stay up on my grooming regimen and find great products to help fight the effects of aging, like thinning hair. Growing up I always had a full head of thick hair and a baby face and never imagined the day when that would change. I used to love shaving my head for the buzz cut look, but unfortunately, as I aged my face became a little more round and I no longer looked good with a shaved head. It’s funny because when I was younger, everybody used to always ask me why I would shave my head if I wasn’t losing my hair? Here I was shaving it all off, when people I knew who had thinning hair, were trying to get theirs thicker!

Now that I’m older, I sometimes wish I could go back to shaving my head to hide my thinning hair, but I can’t. I don’t think it would look as good without my baby face, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous that if I shave it all off. It will grow back even thinner, so I gotta work with what I have LOL!

One of the products I started using is the got2b® Phenomenal Thickening Shampoo. It’s officially time for me to start preserving all the hair that I have before it’s too thin. Honestly, I’ve noticed that when I’m using good products like got2b® Phenomenal Thickening Shampoo combined with their got2b® Phenomenal Texturizing​ Clay, you will never even notice that my hair is thinning. The shampoo gets a great lather and tad bit of tingle, which to me, makes me feel like it’s working and doing its job! I can definitely notice a difference from when my hair dries after this shampoo vs. other shampoo’s I’ve used before. Somehow it just dries looking a little fuller! On top of that, once I add in some of their texturizing clay, it helps make my hair have a thicker and fuller look and also brings out the curls in my hair, which in turn, also helps it to appear thicker!

I picked up my got2b® products at my nearest Walmart, so look for them at your nearest location! Also, check your local Walmart for the $2.00 off the got2b® Phenomenal Shampoo!​ If you’re starting to notice your hair is thinning, don’t wait, and take action while you can. You’re going to be washing your hair on the regular anyways, so may as well do it with a shampoo that you know is working in your favor!​