Spring Kicks & Cuffed Camo

Spring Kicks & Cuffed Camo Spring Kicks & Cuffed Camo Vans Sneakers

Had these camo pants for a few years and haven’t worn them in a while due to the wide leg at the bottom – that I am no longer a fan of! Thanks to the “Pants Doctor” at, I got the idea to give them a little face lift so I could rock them again. I took about an inch off the bottom, and finished them off with an old-school tight roll, to give them that jogger-type look that I like! I’ll definitely be going through some of my other older jeans to see if I can salvage a few others that I no longer like. Brilliant idea! The first sunny, dry day I got finally allowed me to give my new canvas white VANS a run – these guys only come out in clean, dry weather lol I found this Feathers brand sweatshirt on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters…definitely a dope find! I tried finding it online for those who were asking where I got it but no luck. Similar pieces below!


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