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I got an early fathers day gift this year from Baxter of California. My son loves getting things in the mail, so my wife told him it was a Father’s Day gift for me and that he could help her wrap it. I received their Pomade Mixer Kit, Under Eye Complex, Herbal Mint Toner, and the Flammable – White Wood 2 Candle.

I love gift sets, I think its the best way to try out different products without having to buy the full sized version at full price without knowing if it’s exactly what you’re looking for. I also get to share the different Pomades with my son (who, by the way, has much better hair than I also like that now I have different pomades to achieve different looks depending on how I want my hair that day. Every so often it feels good to change it up a little. My personal favorite so far is the the clay, I like my hair to look dry-ish but still have a good hold.

I love burning candles at the house but am not really into fruity smells. My favorite scent to burn is the evergreen that you normally burn during Christmas. We usually start burning it in fall untill the end of winter. The Flammable – White Wood 2 Candle doesn’t smell anything like but it does give me the same kind of feeling when the scent is in the house. It smells like fresh wood mixed with a subtle scent of a tobacco pipe. It’s NOT like a cigar or gross smelling tobacco but that nice smooth, maybe with a hint of vanilla, type smell. This candle smells AWESOME!

Being that I’m an electrician and 35 years old, turning 36 this year, I’m finding it more important to take care of my skin, especially my face. At work it can get pretty dirty, and all the elements of being on the job can take a toll on your skin. The herbal mint toner is a perfect astringent to keep my face clean. It smells great…actually exactly the way its described in the name, like herbs with mint. It’s alcohol free so it doesnt have that harsh smell and it doesn’t burn when you use it. Man oh man how I hate seeing new wrinkles on my Growing up I was always told I had a baby face and was told that I looked young for my age. I still hear it, but when I look in the mirror I don’t see that baby face anymore. To help get that baby face back I’m using the under eye complex. My wife showed me her application technique to apply…lol first dab, dab, dab under and around the eyes and then gently rub it in (just in case you couldn’t figure it out, like me the first time). It doesn’t really have a smell…just similar to regular lotion. It feels the same as lotion when you apply it and when it dries it just leaves you with a subtle tighter feeling…hoping it’s already working!


Stay active on my Instagram as I’m going to be doing a Baxter of California give away coming very soon! All opinions expressed in this review are of my own in this collaboration with Baxter of California.

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