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The shorelines of Vinalhaven, Maine were so pretty and spectacular to shoot on because a good percentage of them were actually made of granite. I was actually lucky enough to have part of the my new kitchen countertop cut from the shore and brought back on the boat with us. (I’m kidding! lol But wouldn’t that have been awesome!) It really was beautiful, and then surrounded by a gorgeous ocean back drop?! So peaceful. I decided to style the G.H. Bass Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns (in Brown this time. I kinda have a thing for the Kiltie!) Unfortunately the brown are sold out, but they do still have them in Navy, which I also have! 🙂 This style shoe is very popular right now and for good reason! Everyone looks good in this shoe silhouette, no matter your style, and you can easily style them up or down. I like them so much I have them in 2 colors AND also picked up a pair for my step father for Father’s Day and he loves them too! (look out for a collab between him and I coming soon LOL) I wore them with a pair of cropped navy chinos, which I think fall perfectly right above the shoe, and a matching workman style navy jacket from H&M. I always love brown shoes with navy pants. The jacket and pants are so perfectly matched it almost looks like they belong together as a suit. I wore a vintage style athletic’s Ralph Lauren short-sleeve sweatshirt under the jacket….because I’m just always drawn to more casual/sporty looks by nature. Overall, with my fitted full-on navy pieces, I felt both clean-cut and sporty at the same time, and that’s exactly the style shoes these G.H. Bass Sneaker Weejuns are…you seriously can wear them with just about anything!

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