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BlueCollarPrep  BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep BlueCollarPrep This summer I told myself I’m going to do as many outdoor activities as possible. Since Nate loves hiking and my parents are also avid hikers, we will definitely be doing our fare share of hiking. I took our trip to Arizona as an opportunity to start picking up some outdoor gear, and Topo Designs was at the top of my list. I love their artistic view on outdoor gear and how they don’t shy away from using bright colors, even if its just a subtle detail. The Puffer Cardigan is now one of the most unique pieces in my wardrobe. The nylon material almost gives it a leather jacket vibe. I honestly feel like it looks like I’m wearing a leather jacket but it’s so comfortable you almost don’t feel like your wearing a jacket at all! I also like the fact that the inside of the jacket is a vibrant yellow…when the wind blows you get that peek of the color pop. It was the perfect jacket to bring on my trip. While in Arizona the weather was pretty sporadic. It was actually ranging from about 80 degrees where we were staying, to 35 degrees at the canyon – crazy difference in just a 3 hour drive! I wasn’t sure if I should bring shorts, pants, a jacket or what. So I brought their Mountain Shorts in case it was hot and Puffer Jacket in case I got cold. It’s light enough to wear under another jacket if it was really needed, or if I got hot I could roll it up and put it in my pack. I’m seriously obsessed with this jacket! It was a little chilly but once I started moving around I was glad I was wearing shorts. The shorts are the perfect length and have a slim fit. Also, I like the little bit of color that the red belt adds. To go with the red detail in the belt I paired the fit with their red Nylon Camp Hat. Most of the hats I own are 5 Panel. Since I have a small head, it seems to be the style that fits me the best. For the pack I knew I wasn’t actually gong to be doing any long distance hiking so I went with the smaller Rover Pack. To to be honest, I didn’t do much hiking at all. It was more site seeing. But, I still needed somewhere to keep some water and snacks since we were going to be out all day, and it was perfect for what I needed it for. This summer when we actually start taking some longer treks I will probably upgrade to the Klettersack. Topo Designs won me over as a fan with their quality and product designs, and it’s always a bonus when all of the items are made in the USA!

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