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Old Navy Mini Me Outfit Old Navy Mini Me Outfit Old Navy Men's Outfit Old Navy Kid's Outfit Old Navy Kid's Outfit Old Navy Mini Me Outfit Old Navy Kid's Outfit Old Navy Mini Me Outfit Old Navy Mini Me Outfit Old Navy Mini Me Outfit

Summer weather is finally upon us and I’m ready to bust out the bright colors and floral prints! I’m not the only one feeling this way…Nate is ready too. We partnered up with one of our favorite brands to find matching outfits. One of my favorite things about Old Navy is that when I pick out an outfit, we can pretty much find the exact outfit or coordinating pieces for Nate so we can get our matchy-matchy on.

We recently spent the day walking around Cold Spring, NY, just getting out to enjoy the nice weather, checking out some of the cool local stores, and of course stopping by Moo Moo’s, the homemade ice cream shop. They have the best ice cream! If you haven’t been, I would definitely check this little town out. It’s right by the water and is a beautiful little strip with some antique shops, some great restaurants, and is actually where my wife and I tied the knot…so we always have a little place in our heart for this town. There’s nothing sweeter than walking down the street and hearing the awww’s and OMG’s at how cute Nate and I are in our matching outfits. He’s the coolest, funniest and smartest little boy, and I’m so proud to be his daddy and have been a part of his creation. It also makes me feel really cool that Nate actually likes matching me. I mean if a kid this cool thinks I’m cool, I have to be at least some kind of cool! LOL

When I saw the Old Navy Getaway shirt, I thought the colors and floral pattern had a vintage kind of vibe that I liked, so I wanted to play that up. Nate got the exact same shirt and we both rocked white tank tops underneath, which I thought would also help give our looks more of that old school vibe. I actually never wear undershirts like this so this was something new for me and I kind of liked it! I paired my top with their Slim-Fit Built-In Flex Ultimate Shorts (6″) because I love how short the length is and the color matched perfectly. I’m not really a big fan of long shorts and feel like the length was perfect for the look I was going for. Nate loves wearing comfortable sweat shorts and has a few pairs of the drop crotch style, so we went with the style he’s wearing because we know they always looks good on him. I think they’re sold out online, but these are pretty similar! Plus, he’s a little skinny minnie, so we tend to lean towards elastic waste bottoms for him to ensure a good fit. The color also matched the pair I was wearing pretty well, without having to be the same exact pair.

I know I’ve said this plenty of times before but I cannot believe I’ve become that dad that loves matching outfits with his son. I seriously love it and I think Nate does too. Old Navy is the perfect place for those “Mini Me” styles. We always seem to luck out here when we’re looking for a fun summery matching outfit!

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