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Valentine’s Day Ideas With Goodsey

Eric Wertz

It’s February and that means Valentines day is coming (in 5 days actually!)! I love Valentine’s day. It’s just another day that you can really devote to showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. Now that doesn’t mean it’s all about spending a bunch of money on them, but instead it’s more about the thought you put into the day…as it always should be. I have always made sure to make Valentine’s Day special for my wife, but now that we have my son Nate, I know I have to make it special for both of them. I actually made the mistake of thinking my son was not into Valentines day last year and didn’t really get him anything special and he was devastated. My wife and I felt horrible, because here my little 6 year old son was picking out something special for the both of us at his school store (which obviously melted our hearts) and we didn’t get him anything. I’m not sure why but we just didn’t think he would’ve been into it but we were wrong. He was upset but after talking to him he understood and let us off the hook. Now we know this year we have to make it extra special for him!

For me when I’m shopping for Nate and my wife I always try to think about what they’re into and things I know they are going to like. My wife has never really been into roses or flowers. She appreciates them, but I know it’s really just the fact that I thought of her, not really the actual flowers that excite her. I usually let Nathan pick out her gift because I know that whatever she gets from him the actual gift will have meaning to her and will not just get pushed aside and be forgotten about, and it won’t just be flowers that are so short-lived. For that reason I love jewelry as a gift! It doesn’t always have to be something expensive. Get what you can afford and if there’s thought behind it, I’m sure it will make someone’s day. I actually even love getting jewelry myself especially from my wife and son. Every time you wear that piece, you will think of the person who gave it to you. And when you get older, maybe you will end up passing it down to someone else and you can share the story of who gave it to you and where you were at that time and how it made you feel when you got it. For all of these reasons, jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give and get! Nate seems to be following my footsteps when it comes to the gifting department because lately that’s all he ever thinks of buying myself, my wife or his grandparents. It’s too cute actually.

This year we used the Goodsey Valentine’s Gift Finder to find the perfect gift for mommy. Nate and I sat together and scrolled until he found something he knew mommy would love. He went with the Black Love Rose Gold Necklace. I didn’t want to point it out because I knew he wanted to be the one to pick it out but I was actually eyeing the same necklace hoping he would pick it and he did! My wife and I also found some cute items for Nate this year. For him, we couldn’t resist the Deluxe Emoji Gift Box – this kid loves emoji’s and has a serious sweet tooth! He also loves all kinds of dogs and puppies and loves to snuggle so the Valentine Puppy Pillow was perfect. We know we’ll get some awww’s and hugs from him for this one!

I partnered up with Goodsey and fellow blogger Tiffany (@tiffanyallison7 on IG) to hear what some of our followers were buying their loved ones, what they were hoping to get themselves, and some ideas of what others had planned for Valentine’s Day this year. The answers were across the board! In terms of what people wanted this year…candy & chocolates are always a fave, the obvious one flowers, anything with thought behind it, and a relaxing night with a loved one or even alone were the top answers. Sounds like some people could use some gifts in the pampering department! I found some cute and unique gifts from the Goodsey website to hit each of these categories!

FLOWERS: Maybe don’t go with the typical bouquet this year, instead opt for something cute and different! I love how pretty this Seeded Paper Flower and Herb Set is, AND the fact that you can plant all of the items and watch the flowers and herbs grow! This gift is super cute from a kid to a grandparent, to a mom, or from hubby to wifey. So different!

SWEET TOOTH: Everyone loves something sweet & yummy – at least everyone in my family does! I love how V-Day festive this Deluxe Valentine’s Assortment is. All the little bite-sized pieces and toppings just scream Valentine’s Day. These sweet treats are sure to make anyone smile no matter their age! I love giving sweets and treats as a gift. It’s not just that they get to enjoy something delicious, but you can share it with them and enjoy it together…which is what valentine’s day is all about!

THOUGHTFUL: Maybe the gift is meant to be used to aid in the ambiance of the Valentine’s Day festivities. I love this I Heart Cheese & Cracker Serving Board. I can just see setting this up with your significant other’s favorite snacks, whether it’s cheese and crackers, fruits, all the ingredients for some yummy s’mores and of course with a side bottle of your favorite wine. Sounds like a romantic time to me!

PAMPERING: Surprisingly some people responded that they wanted a relaxing evening at home alone – hey no problem with that! Everyone can use that quiet alone time. Whether you’re buying for your significant other or even yourself, I say have a little spa day at home. This Cherry Blossom Spa Gift Set is the perfect gift for anyone whose in need of some self pampering, or the perfect gift to give someone who could use a little me time!

GUYS: I’m not sure how many guys really care about getting anything too big on Valentine’s Day but I could think of at least 5 guys right now, and even some girls, who would appreciate the Craft Beer Flight Beverage Sampler as a cool gift!

Hey, and if the budget doesn’t allow for any gifts this year, the perfect card that shows you took the time out to go find the perfect way to express your love is honestly all that’s needed.

Aside from the gift and card giving, Valentine’s Day is all about using that one day to do something a little more special together than you normally would. Again this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money. It just means you have to make it special! For my family it has now become a tradition that we go away skiing for Valentine’s Day. It’s something that we all love to do together and honestly just makes it really feel special that we’re enjoying something we love together as a family. I love the idea of getting away with your loved ones! From the Instagram poll, that was one of the top mentioned answers and I’m all for it! If you’re both active, maybe go for a hike or a bike ride, or go rock climbing…as long as you’re both having fun together. You can also keep it simple. One of my favorite memories of my wife and I spending Valentine’s day together was before my son was born and we had said we weren’t going to spend a lot of money because we were saving for a house and thinking about having a baby. My wife used to LOVE Taco Bell so I got home before her and set up a bunch of candles, some roses, rented a movie (when you actually went to Blockbuster), and set up a romantic picnic on the living room floor (Taco Bell and all) and she LOVED it! Haha It’s all about spending time together and trying to think of ways to make the other person feel special knowing you know what makes them happy. No matter what you do, just be there in the moment. Maybe again, it’s something as simple as spending the night in and getting take-out or going out to eat but definitely agreeing to leaving the phone at home so you’re just focused on each other!

Some other top suggestions when Tiffany and I asked our followers on Instagram what they had planned for Valentine’s Day was: a weekend away, yummy food (I’m all for that!), a romantic dinner at home, a ring for your significant other, family time (same here!), and for others….alone time or nothing at all!

To some it’s just another day, but for me, I do like to put in a little extra effort no matter how big or small, just to show my love and appreciation for the ones that matter most to me. Hoping my family and I can continue our tradition this year and make it skiing again this Valentine’s Day weekend! If you’re in need of a last minute gift for someone, there’s still time! Check our the Goodsey website. They have unique gifts for him, her and the kiddos too. Whether you’re spending it with someone or alone, I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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