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My 5 Minute Grey Cover-Up

Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye

Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Cremo Company Hair & Beard Dye Men's Lifestyle Blogger

This year is the first year that I’m starting to really feel older. I’m turning 40 in September and I’m starting to notice my body changing. Aches and pains just don’t go away like they used to, it feels harder to stay in shape, and my appearance is changing. Wrinkles are starting to be more prominent and the greys continue to come in! Just like I have a diet and skincare regimen to prevent wrinkles and unwanted weight gain, I also started a regimen to keep the grey away.

There’s nothing wrong with aging, but that doesn’t mean that if there are things that are changing that you’re not happy with, and you have the ability to change them, that you shouldn’t. I partnered up with Cremo to try out and share with you how their Hair & Beard Dye works!

Most of my grey hair is in my beard, and the few greys that I do have on my head I actually don’t mind as much. For some reason the greys in my beard seem to have a mind of their own LOL They’re more coarse, they don’t tame as easily and they tend to make my beard look less cleaned up and more chaotic, so I had to find a simple solution for these guys. The best thing about the Cremo Hair & Beard Dye is how easy and quick it is to use. You literally just clip on the applicator, shake it, apply, wait 5 minutes, and rinse! There’s no mixing, no need for gloves, and it’s just all around super easy. I find that for any of my grooming routines if it’s not convenient, then I’m not going to follow through with it. For my beard, I just painted the foam on with the included brush, and that was it. The bottle comes with enough so that there is a bunch left over so I can just keep reusing it as necessary. They also have a bunch of different colors to choose from to find your best color match. I used the #10 Deep Brown Color and it was perfect.

I’m so glad I got to try this product out because again, it was so quick and easy. I really dig the results and even my wife, who thought she liked the grey hairs, thought it looked better after it was dyed. I definitely looked younger and by covering up the greys my beard as whole just looked more cleaned up and almost as if it was freshly trimmed – but it wasn’t, it just now had a nice even color tone, that aided in that groomed up look!

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