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My Family’s Favorite Ice Cream

Daddy Blogger

Men's lifestyle blogger  Daddy Blogger Men's lifestyle blogger Men's lifestyle blogger
When it comes to sweets, my family doesn’t play around…we love them! And it’s no surprise that ice cream is one of our absolute favorite things to eat. We all seem to have very different taste when it comes to ice cream, but my wife and son are more likely to agree on a flavor. They usually go for the classics, but I’m more likely to want something a little different!

I love ice cream so much that when I pop one of those pints open it’s honestly so hard for me to stop – I usually end up finishing it in one sitting, or come pretty close LOL don’t judge! Halo Top Creamery is one of my go-to ice cream brands. Besides their great flavor options, the fact that they are all 370 calories or less per pint is amazing! It’s a light ice cream, and you would never even know it. This way I can finish the entire pint if I desire 🙂 and only have a third amount of the calories than I would with another brand. I just don’t feel as guilty eating the entire pint when it’s my Halo Top!

We recently introduced Nate to the brand and I was nervous at first, because he’s super particular with his ice cream and usually only eats 1 or 2 specific flavors and brands, but the first day he tried it he loved it. He liked how creamy and smooth it was, and I must agree…something about Halo Top’s ice cream is just creamier and I love that. His favorite flavor so far is the Cookies & Cream, mine is the Jelly Donut flavor, and my wife loves the Sea Salt Caramel. We each tend to always grab our fave flavors but then end up sharing once we’re snacking at home.

Since I entered my thirties, I’ve definitely noticed that I can’t just eat junk as much as I used to like when I was younger, and it’s much harder to keep the weight off if I’m not watching what I eat and working out during the week. But it’s a struggle! It’s hard to constantly keep that clean-eating routine all week, and then you have that mid-week day (especially during the hot summer), when you just want a cold, yummy treat. I mean how can I deprive myself from ice cream after coming home from a hard day’s work?! I’ll come home, go for a dip in the pool, then be outside playing with Nate and he finally says to me “Daddy, let’s have some ice cream!” That’s when the internal struggle begins. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I just wait for the weekend when I’m allowed to have my sweets and snacks? It’s no fun having to think this way, so I decided there should be a fine balance with everything and I was going to stop “shoulding” myself. With Halo Top Creamery the answer’s easy. I have the ice cream with my boy and enjoy my summer day! Whether I eat a few spoonfuls or the entire pint I honestly do not feel guilty about it at all, and it’s so darn good and it hits the spot and fulfills that weekday craving of mine!

I feel like the little voice in my head telling me “you should be doing this” or “you should be doing that” appears far too often. Besides my mid-week ice cream cravings, I’ll get the guilt of feeling like I should be doing yard work instead of enjoying the pool, or I should be cleaning the house and being productive instead of enjoying a lazy morning in bed, or Nate should really have dinner first before he has some ice cream. I was happy to be a part of the Halo Top Creamery “StopShouldingYouself” campaign and throw that little voice in my head out the window! LOL And in doing so I’ve come to learn that if I do just what I feel like doing in that moment, life is that much more enjoyable. I’ll get to the yard work eventually – I always do. The house will get cleaned when I’m in the mood to clean, and if Nate wants a little Halo Top before dinner, so what, what’s the difference what order he eats his food in as long as he eats it?!

When you stop “shoulding” yourself I feel like you can actually be more productive and these little moments of the unexpected can make life that much more exciting and enjoyable. Plus, when I’m actually in the mood to do yard work (and there are times when I am in the mood!) then I’m more likely to not be so miserable doing it and the entire project gets done, instead of starting something when I’m just not feeling it. It actually in-turn makes me more productive when I do things on my own internal time and when I’m ready and in the mood! Like right now, it’s lunch time and I should probably have my grilled chicken that I made for lunch, but it’s 90 degrees out and all I want to do is go sit on my back deck for 20 minutes and have some spoonfuls of my wife’s Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel! LOL So I’m going to! #stopshouldingyourself

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Nate’s 1st Online Course With iD Tech

NY Daddy Blogger

NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger

I cannot believe that the school year is just about over. It’s been a crazy past few months with everything that’s been going on, in addition to figuring out and adjusting to this home-schooling life, but we did it, and summer is just about here!

Every other year Nate has gone to a sports camp part-time during the summer, but with the uncertainty of his camp opening, and us not really even feeling comfortable sending him anywhere this year, we decided to sign him up for an online summer camp course through iD Tech Virtual Tech Camps. Even though he’s only 7 he has such an interest in gaming, YouTube, coding, and already tells us that he wants to either be a professional gamer or computer programmer, so we’ve always wanted to find a course that he could take to further his knowledge.

We looked into local schools but never found any nearby, and the idea of driving an hour or more each day for an online course just seemed unreasonable. We never even thought of an online course for him until recently! We signed him up for the Minecraft World Designer Virtual Tech Camp with iD Tech. It’s for ages 7-9 and everything is done online. As soon as we asked him if we wanted to take an online course about Minecraft he was sold! His eyes lit up and he was so excited to start. He kept asking us when does it start, when does it start. LOL

His class is for a week and we were able to choose the time slot that works best for us, so we’re doing it at 4pm during the week. We absolutely LOVE the fact that the class is small and there’s only about 5 kids in it, which really lets the instructor devote his attention to all of them equally. Nate prefers it that way too. I’ve seen him on online meetings with his school before, and he always seems to participate more and seems more into it when there is less people and it’s not a big group of kids trying to speak over each other. So the iD Tech course is perfect for him!

He just logs on and does his thing. Honestly, not sure we could even help him if we wanted to because I don’t know much about Minecraft at all and just looking at it seems confusing! LOL It’s so cute how he watches his instructor on the screen so intently and then raises his little hand and waits patiently to be called on so he can ask his question or give his opinion on something. I love seeing him participate – it’s so cute!

Nate absolutely loves his virtual tech course! Just yesterday he asked me if he had his Minecraft course today and when I told him he did, he whispers to himself “YES!”. Then he continued watching the clock anxious for it to begin. It really makes me proud as to how into it he is! And watching him speak up and participate with all his little Minecraft terminology and talking about coordinates and negative numbers – it’s just so impressive!

Nate really enjoys his Minecraft World Designer course that I just know we’re going to have to sign him up for the next one to expand his knowledge. I really love that this game teaches commands, coding and really gets you thinking. I mean, I asked Nate what he learned on his first day and his answer was “it inspires him to think more”. All I can say is WOW and I love that he’s enjoying learning through gaming and this course!

Click here and use my code ERIC125 to get $125 off any Virtual Tech Camp! We’ll be using it on Nate’s next course 🙂

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Hey Portal, Call the Grandparents

Portal from Facebook

I love adding new technology into my house. So, when I was gifted the new Portal+ from Facebook, I was super excited! I’ve seen the Portal from Facebook commercials, but never realized how much I would love it until I actually started using it. What’s better than a device that makes it so easy to see loved ones and brings family and friends closer no matter where in the world we are. And that’s exactly what this Portal does!

As soon as I opened the box I couldn’t believe the size of the screen – it was much larger than I expected and I love the way it stands up on it’s own and also allows the screen to swivel from a vertical to horizontal orientation. It has a sleek yet sturdy feeling to it. Portal from Facebook is so easy to use with the large touch screen or you can do things like start or answer a video call with “Hey Portal”! It also comes with Alexa built-in so you can start off your commands with “Alexa…” as well. Obviously, the coolest feature is definitely using Portal to make video calls by utilizing your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp contacts and allowing you to have instant face to face calls with them, hands-free.

It’s so amazing…you don’t even have to stop doing what you’re doing in the house because you can initiate the calls with voice commands, and then the camera will actually keep you centered in frame as you move around the room. If there’s more than one person in the room, it will widen the lens to include everyone or zoom in and focus on the person speaking. With the size and quality of the screen it really almost makes it seem like the person you’re video calling is actually in the room with you!

Portal From Facebook

Besides the video-calling feature, Nate is also able to watch his favorite Youtube videos on it, we’re able to stream music with different apps, and it also has a digital picture frame feature, which I’ve actually always wanted for our house! You can display photos from your Facebook and Instagram, or upload photos to your Portal devices directly from your smartphone’s camera roll.  We have so many pictures that just sit on our phones, that it’s nice to finally be able to see them featured somewhere in our house. The speaker quality of Portal really surprised us. It’s really clear and goes louder than you would think a device like this would be able to. We love it so much and love having it in our kitchen. We always seem to find ourselves saying “Hey Portal, play some Christmas music” and dancing or spinning around in the kitchen – so it’s perfect.

Portal from Facebook

Portal from Facebook is available in Portal+ (the device we went with!), Portal, Portal Mini, and then Portal TV. Portal offers a 10″ HD display and Portal Mini offers a 8″ HD display video calling experience and both offer the built-in Alexa as well. Portal TV allows video calling on the biggest screen in your home! The smart camera hooks up to your TV and instantly makes it feel like the ones you’re speaking to are right there in your home with you. We felt like our GG’s were with us on the Portal+, so I can’t even imagine what it must feel like if their loving faces were up there on our 60″! Portal TV is a great way for families to stay connected. When speaking with a loved one through the phone, with no visual connection you still feel like you’re miles apart, but as soon as you see those faces come through, the call no longer feels distant and instead it feels like they’re right there with you.

Portal from Facebook

This is such an awesome gift idea for a relative or friend who you don’t get to normally see as much as you’d like. We love being able to video call Nate’s great-grandparents in Arizona and my sister in Maryland. Before Portal from Facebook, I feel like I’d catch myself saying “Wow, I haven’t seen the grandparents in months” Now, even though it may not be in person, I don’t have that same feeling of not seeing them in a while. It’s just a different kind of closer feeling and connection you get when actually seeing the person you’re speaking to, rather than just talking on the phone. The fact that you don’t even need to be near the device or touch it and still be able to make your call and see the person you’re calling, has me already making the switch from my regular smart phone to the Portal from Facebook. This household loves it!

This post is in collaboration with @PortalfromFacebook. #PortalPartner #PortalFromFacebook #FeelThere #Portal

All images were created by, me.

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Nobody Doesn’t Like SaraLee :)

Father and Son Bloggers

SaraLee Review SaraLee Review Dad Blogger SaraLee Review SaraLee Review Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers SaraLee Review

This time of year is really the most magical time of year! Right from Thanksgiving, up until New Year’s it’s filled with so much fun, activities and family time and I absolutely love it! With that said, it’s also the busiest time of year. Between work, shopping, fun time with the family, and all the holiday parties, we’re barely left with any spare time. As much as I enjoy baking, especially with my son Nate because he loves to bake, when it gets this hectic and our time is limited, I just rely on the fan favorite Sara Lee Desserts!

Sara Lee is just that brand that you remember when you were younger. Your grandparents had it, your parents bought it, and now I’m buying it for my family. Besides being so good, it just makes you feel cozy. I love the ease of being able to have a delicious cake or pie anytime I want but without the hassle, time and mess. The best thing about it is that I can grab it from my local grocery store and just keep it frozen until it’s time to enjoy. I myself usually always go for the Dutch Apple Pie or a cheesecake. Nothing’s better than warm apple pie with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream….mmmmm so good! My mother-in-law is the one that actually got me hooked on their cheesecake! The first time we had it together she would always talk about how it reminded her of her childhood and that her mother used to always buy it for them as a kid. Even though it wasn’t my childhood, it felt nostalgic for me too.

When I went to pick up my Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie, I brought Nate with me, and he told me he wanted to try the All Butter Pound Cake this time. Normally his favorite one to grab is always the Chocolate Creme Pie but since we already had some left of this one from our last trip, he decided he wanted to try something new! I was really excited because I feel like the pound cake is one of the most underrated cakes there is. It doesn’t get the street cred it deserves.

Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t have all the frosting and sprinkles is what makes it so good! The flavor just speaks for itself and you can dress it up anyway you like! I couldn’t believe this was the first time both my wife and son were trying pound cake! They both love plain, buttery treats, so I couldn’t believe they had never had it before. This time around we kept it kind of simple with just some whipped cream and I was shocked at how much Nate was loving it.

I mean this kid has around 4 brownie sundaes a week LOL, so he knows his desserts! I wasn’t sure if he was going to tell me it was a little plain but all he kept saying was “can I have another piece?” LOL I always knew I loved their pound cake, so I was happy that Nate and my wife agreed with me. He did say he was curious about what other things we could add to it for next time, but that’s what makes pound cake so good…you can keep it plain or switch it up anyway you want. Even as I’m writing this, it shocks me that this was a cake was ever even frozen! It’s easy to forget because it’s so good.

With the Christmas music playing, tree lights on, Nate running around with his little Elfie in hand, my wife wrapping gifts, and our Sara Lee Desserts about to be served, I just love this time of year so much. It was so great sharing Nate’s first Sara Lee Pound Cake experience with him. Just sitting at the counter together with silly conversations over our Sara Lee pound cake and pie had me feeling the same way my mother-in-law was speaking about her childhood with her parents. We’re continuing the traditions over here with Sara Lee Desserts!

If you’re like us and running around with little time to bake this year, check out the SaraLee Desserts in the frozen foods aisle at your local grocery store. Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like SaraLee! 🙂

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My Go-to Jacket Brand & An Exciting Announcement!

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather JacketsA leather coat is one of those essential pieces that everyone should own. There’s so many different styles of leather jackets you can always find the perfect jacket no matter what your style is. When it comes to leather, quality to me, is one of the most important aspects in picking the right brand to go with. These jackets are an investment and if you treat them right they will be with you forever and are well worth it!

Growing up I was always into military style pieces. My father worked at the docks in Brooklyn and we always visited Army/Navy stores together when I was younger. I think that’s probably what really ignited my love for the armed forces kind of vibe. Unfortunately, I was never able to own a leather jacket growing up, so I knew that once I was in a position to get my own, it would have to be a quality leather!

Cockpit USA is one of my all time favorite outerwear brands! Not only are they top quality, but I love that when I style them, their jackets just have this bit of edge to them that I like. Now their edge doesn’t come from trying to be edgy, but it actually just comes from staying authentic to iconic American civilian and military design. Cockpit USA has been around for over 40 years, and they continue to make jackets that are suitable for pilots and guys like us that want bad ass jackets – like some of the styles I’m rocking here. Whether it’s a bomber, sheepskin, leather, textile or a varsity jacket, they are definitely one of those brands, that just delivers such sick pieces with that top-notch quality that I love. I also love that they make kids jackets as well. When we visited the Cockpit showroom not too long ago, it was one of the rare times that I saw Nate actually get excited about a jacket! He loved the camo & leather bomber so we had to get them!

I currently own 4 Cockpit jackets and Nate owns 3! I linked the ones that are still available here:
Aces & Eights Flight Jacket
M51 DMZ Fishtail Shell
Kids Top Gun G-1 Jacket
Kids Camouflage Field Jacket

Whenever I wear any of my Cockpit jackets, they pretty much just make the outfit. I usually keep it simple underneath and let the jacket be that statement piece on top. Whenever I share a look on my Instagram page (@BlueCollarPrep) featuring one, I always get such positive feedback and so much love for them. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of their sheepskin jackets! They are just so top-level, and the sexiness and quality is on point. I seriously need one!

With such a love for this brand, I was super excited when they had an interest in my beanies from my brand BLUE. They’ll be carrying a few select colors of ours on their website: camel, gold & neon orange! Check them out here! I’ve actually worn each of these colors with one of their jackets at some point and definitely agree these will fit perfectly in with the vibe of their brand. I couldn’t be more excited that such an iconic brand, that is one of my all-time faves, will be offering the BlueCollarPrep Watch Cap to their dedicated customers & featuring Nate and I in their Joint Forces collection.

If you’re in the market for a quality jacket that you want to elevate your looks, and have that quality that will allow the piece to last forever, Cockpit USA is a brand to check out. I’ve always been a fan, and now my son is as well! Make sure to pick up one of my Watch Caps before you complete the purchase and tag my brand @Not.The.Color.Blue on IG if you rock it!

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Undercover Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets Review

This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m constantly striving to live a healthier lifestyle and find new foods to buy that will help and actually taste good. My family loves to eat but unfortunately, we tend to forget about the vegetables. During the week, there are very few meals that Nate and I can share because trying to get a 7 year old or a picky wife to eat healthy with me is no easy task! So, it’s sad to say, getting my son to learn how to eat healthy has been a struggle for me. I know I’m not the only one out there because I remember my mother trying to get me to eat my veggies and let’s be honest, what kid is really into it?Raised & Rooted Nuggets Review

That’s why I’m so happy I was introduced to these new Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets that we got from our local ACME. They’re crafted with pea protein and are a great way to feed my family with a familiar flavor. Instead of meat, they are a plant-based alternative. They are the perfect way to get Nate to eat some more vegetables! I mean, who doesn’t like nuggets?! The Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets honestly taste just like regular chicken nuggets! I was shocked that right out of the oven, they were as crispy as dropping them in a fryer—and nuggets are always better crispy. Nate is big into nuggets and couldn’t wait to try these. He loved the crunch and loved the flavor. We never told Nathan they weren’t chicken, and he still doesn’t have any idea that he’s eating a pea-based nugget. 🙂 Plus, after trying them, he told me these were his favorite “chicken” nuggets. Score! So happy I found another way to sneak some veggies into Nate’s diet.

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Now, I can finally sit down with Nate and have a meal where we are both eating the same food. And I can also get my protein and fiber. Plus, I don’t have to spend hours cooking it up. I can just grab a bag from the frozen foods aisle when we do our weekly shopping at ACME. We love ACME. I love using their mobile app, and I feel like I always seem to find and get the best deals whenever we shop there. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your current diet by adding in some more veggies, I highly recommend these. My kid still thinks he’s eating “chicken.” Try them now at your local ACME and save!

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

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Christmas Cookies With Samsung

NY Daddy Blogger

Samsung Stove Blog NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Samsung Stove Blog NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Samsung Stove Blog Christmas Anisette Cookies Recipe Christmas Anisette Cookies Recipe Christmas Anisette Cookies Recipe Samsung Stove Blog Christmas Anisette Cookies Recipe

Like most families, during the holidays, we tend to spend more time in the kitchen. We really wanted to do something festive on Christmas Eve before heading off to make our family rounds, so we decided to bake some of Aunt Sue Sue’s famous Anisette cookies! And what better way to christen our new Samsung Flex Duo Range!

I love cooking (even though I’m not great at it LOL) and think it’s a great way to spend time with the family where everyone can get involved. We just popped on some Christmas music on our Samsung Family Hub and got right to baking feeling those Christmas vibes! Nate was especially excited to be baking these because he was going to leave some of these cookies for Santa tonight, and thought it was really cool that he actually was making them for him this year!

If you want to try the recipe you can check it out below! They’re a family fave! However, if we try and make these again next year, we will be asking Aunt Sue Sue to come over and help us. Even though the cookies came out ok, we definitely did not make Aunt Sue Sue’s cookies LOL, but we sure did have fun making them! She normally makes a classic ribbon shape, but Nate really wanted to try out different shapes and use his Santa cookie cutter, so that was fine by us. We also went a little more crazy with our sprinkles than Aunt Sue Sue does, so I’m not sure ours came out as picture perfect haha, but again, still a ton of fun!

I haven’t really gotten the chance to use all the features of the range just yet, but I am blown away on how it elevates the look of my kitchen. I love that all the dials and controls are in the front and because of that, it shows more of the backsplash and overall, is just a cleaner look. One of my favorite features is that the stove top hangs over the countertop about a quarter of an inch. This means no food or crumbs can fall in the pesky little cracks…that always drove me crazy! This stove is going to be key for my meal prep for the week or cooking big dinners with the added dual door. By keeping the insert inside the stove I’m able to split the stove and cook with the top and bottom at two different temperatures and times. So awesome!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Aunt Sue Sue’s Anisette Cookies!

6 Eggs
2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Margarine (softened)
5 Cups Flour
4 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
6 tsp Anise

Icing Ingredients
1 Cup of confectioners sugar
5 tsp Anisette
1.5 tbsp Water

Baking Steps
1. Blend eggs, margarine, and dry ingredients (except flour)
2. Add Anise
3. Gradually add flour
4. Bake in preheated oven at 400F for 8 minutes
5. Let cool, then dip tops in icing and sprinkle away!

This post was in partnership with Samsung, however all thoughts, opinions and comments are my own. We love this stove!

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Sips, Eats & Rewards

NY Lifestyle Blogger

NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Menswear Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle BloggerThese days I rarely carry cash on me. I use my debit card and credit cards for everything. So when using a card, I want to make sure I pick one that has the best incentives and rewards. When the wife and I are out shooting on the weekends we tend to eat out a lot, kind of as a reward for the work we’re doing, and to make it feel like more of a nice day out rather than just a work day. I recently came across the Uber Visa Card and saw that when dining out, you get 4% cash back*! Besides restaurants, it also includes takeout, bars, and even Uber Eats. That would make me feel a lot better about having ice cream (LOL).

With the Uber Visa Card you can also get 3% back on hotels and airfare*, 2% back on eligible online purchases*, and 1% back on everything else*. I love cards like this because if you pay your balance off on time every month, this is just like free money! Now you can take this card and then find other sites that also offer cash back and double your savings.

Cash back is just one of the perks. The Uber Visa Card also offers $600 phone protection if you pay your phone bill with the card*. Honestly, this alone is going to get me to apply for the card. I always have my phone bill on autopay with my credit card, and I also misplace my phone about 5 times a day. It’s a guarantee that eventually I’m going to lose my phone (LOL). This phone protection gives me a little piece of mind.

I also love that there are no foreign transaction fees*. I travel outside the U.S. at least 2 times every year and I’m always turned off when credit cards charge you these extra fees. They make me feel like I’m being taken advantage of and usually make me cancel the card and look for one without extra charges like these or annual fees. Guess this card is officially in the running for my new go-to credit card!

* Terms Apply. Please review the FAQS and Rewards Summary for important information about program benefits and features listed above and the Terms and Conditions for full details about the rewards benefits (such as how points are earned), interest rates and account fees and terms for this particular offer before applying.

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Fall Twinning in Old Navy

NY Daddy Blogger

NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Father and Son Old Navy Outfits NY Daddy Blogger Father and Son Old Navy Outfits Father and Son Old Navy Outfits NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Men's Fall Outfit NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy BloggerBack to school season is here and it’s just as exciting as when Nate started kindergarten last year. He’s moved onto the first grade and is officially a pro at the back-to-school routine. It’s so crazy how fast time is flying! Summer coming to an end is always bitter-sweet. We’re all going to miss those long, hot days, but there is also so much to look forward to in the upcoming months. I’ve been trying to remind Nate that as he’s overcoming his first week back blues. He likes school, but everyone dreads the rigid routine!

One thing that always gets me excited is shopping for the new seasons. We partnered up with Old Navy to show you some cool fall colors and alternate denim options. We went all in for fall and opted for colors that remind us of the changing of the leaves. That is one of the prettiest things about fall! Our last coordinating outfit from Old Navy was somewhat collegiate and sporty, so we decided to switch things up a bit and go for a little grunge. Nate and I are all about that street style!

I really love how I was able to find almost the exact mini-me look for Nate, to coordinate with my outfit. I can’t express enough how cool I feel when we’re walking down the street and we hear the people complimenting us both on how cute we look together. No matter how good I think I look when I’m walking solo, I can’t buy a compliment LOL, but when we’re in our matching Old Navy outfits, they are just thrown our way. Haha.

We started our looks with matching black denim jackets. I wore the Built-In Flex Black Denim Jacket which has just the right amount of give in the denim, and Nate wore the 2-in-1 Hooded 24/7 Black Denim jacket. For me, I actually don’t like wearing denim jackets with built-in hoodies, but for Nathan I think they’re perfect! They give that little bit of grunge vibes that we like, but don’t add that bulkiness that will make him uncomfortable. I really like how Old Navy uses the exact color tones in both the Men’s and Boy’s collections. If you look at our outfits you would think that we’re wearing the exact same pieces, but really it’s just the exact same colors!

I love the tobacco leaf color of this Pullover Hoodie and Nate’s matching Color-Blocked Thermal-Knit Raglan Tee. The colors are described differently…Nate’s is Golden Brown, but they literally match to a Tee! Get it? LOL (corny dad joke alert) The one thing I love about Old Navy is that I always feel super comfortable in their clothes. You know when you have to go out, but are in no mood to get dressed up and just feel like wearing sweats? In these cases I always end up throwing on an Old Navy look instead. I get that same kind of comfort, without the sloppiness of sweats! I’m pretty sure it’s because a lot of their pieces have the built-in flex. Nate loves it and I can definitely see why. The Relaxed Slim Khakis are just what I’m talking about and with the Warm Bread color, this look can’t get any more fall! Now every time I see this color I think of warm banana bread, which is my favorite, and it always has me craving a piece LOL. Nate wore the Karate Built-In Flex Slim Jeans, that he calls his “comfy pants”. We have yet to tell him that they are actually brown jeans! haha We always have a hard time getting him to wear jeans because he associates denim as a stiff & uncomfortable material, so we’ll just stick with also calling these his “comfy pants”. I mean I love all kinds of denim, but I totally understand how an active little boy might hate wearing traditional denim, that’s why the built-in flex is perfect for him!

What do you think of our twinning Old Navy looks? Comment on our post if you’re a dad that likes matching your little man!

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Struttin’ the Boardwalk in OppoSuits

NY Menswear Blogger

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Going to different summer events like BBQ’s and parties are fun, but I’m always looking for new ways to make a statement and have a little more fun dressing up. Sometimes it’s even fun making weekend activities and adventures into an outing that feels event-like just by dressing up. Nate and I teamed up with OppoSuits to show you their bold and fun suits to make your next event a memorable one and show up making a statement. OppoSuits makes both long and short sleeve suits with fun patterns and colors with all types of themes. You can get an assortment of solid colors like pink, blue and yellow or fun patterns like pineapples and flamingos, or you can even get holiday specific suits. They have a suit for every occasion you can think of. Besides making mens and kids suits, they also make suits for woman as well…which I think is pretty rad!

I actually let Nate pic our matching suits and I thought for sure he was going to go with the super hero, but I think mommy rubbed off on him and he went with a colorful 90’s pattern suit. Even though I dug his choice, I could tell right away that no matter what suit we chose, when we threw on these matching outfits we were for sure going to turn some heads! (and we did) The first thing I thought of when I saw this suit was Saved by the Bell. I guess that would make Nate Zack. But does that make me Screech or A.C. Slater? LOL I’m hoping A.C.

This past weekend we wanted to head down to Coney Island for the day and take Nate on some rides at Luna Park, so I felt like it would be a fun opportunity to make going to an amusement park a little more fun by gettin’ dressed up in our Testival suits! I could not believe how many people came up to us saying how much they liked our outfits and how cute we looked. We looked like we knew how to party! LOL To be honest, at first, I was a little nervous on how Nate was going to react in his louder than normal attire. I feel like now that he’s getting older I notice he can tend to get embarrassed when he thinks he might garner some extra attention. However, he wasn’t phased at all! He was just strutting down the boardwalk like it was his runway!

I really like the fact that the suit I wore came with shorts, a short-sleeve jacket, and a tie…which makes it perfect for summer events. They also had the same suit in long sleeve as well. I really liked how the shorts fit and I can see myself wearing this shorts pattern with a solid top in more of my day-to-day fits as well. I’m not afraid of the bold colors from time to time!

We really had such a fun day in Coney Island last weekend, and I honestly think dressing up bold and colorful and twinning with my mini-me played a part. It just made the day feel a little more festive! Check out OppoSuits for more fun prints. I’m also diggin’ the pineapples and palm trees!