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Nate’s New Winter Gear!

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This blog is Sponsored by Zappos but all styling, photography, and opinion are my own 🙂 Lately it seems like every year Nate gets a new jacket and snow pants. I wish I was still growing so I could get new gear every year LOL, and this was the first year he picked out all the pieces all by himself!

We were on the Zappos website and were showing Nate the pieces he could choose from and I couldn’t believe he picked out the same ones I was imagining for him. The boy’s got style! He went with the Reimatec Winter Jacket Kaarto in navy, the Reimatec Winter Pants in Marine Blue and the Reima Thermal Set in Melange Grey.

We love shopping on Zappos because we can shop for the entire family at once, and we love their 365 day return policy! I just recently learned that if you’re an Amazon Prime member, which I am, you can also qualify for free expedited shipping, earning points and other exclusive benefits! So when we recently ordered, we of course connected our Prime account to get those Zappos perks!

Nate chose the Reimatec Winter Jacket because he loved the galaxy print. We do too! But we also love that it’s waterproof and a detachable hood because honestly sometimes he wants it and other times he doesn’t! 🙂 Since blue is Nate’s favorite color I knew he was going to choose the Reimatec Winter Pants in that marine blue. It’s such a cool color! We love that they have the suspenders to keep them up while he’s playing or skiing, and they also have an elastic waistband with velcro which is perfect, because Nate is on the skinnier side, so I love that we can cinch them so they fit his little bod better 🙂

Besides the new jacket and snow pants that we got from Zappos, we always get him new thermals. We get him new ones every year, and this year we went with these from Reima. We obviously need them for skiing, but they are just so good to have for layering when it’s super cold out. Whether it’s for outdoor sports, outdoor play, when we go cut down our Christmas tree, or just when we’re outside for extended periods during the winter months, we always make sure Nate’s toasty. They’re super comfy too just to sleep in in the colder months!

Now that Nate’s all set with his new Reima gear from Zappos, now we just need the snow! Check out all the Reima products on Zappos, they have such cute winter pieces for kids! Besides the pieces that Nate got, their winter overalls are so cool! We might have to get him a pair of those as well 🙂

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Fall Twinning in Old Navy

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NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Father and Son Old Navy Outfits NY Daddy Blogger Father and Son Old Navy Outfits Father and Son Old Navy Outfits NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger Men's Fall Outfit NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy BloggerBack to school season is here and it’s just as exciting as when Nate started kindergarten last year. He’s moved onto the first grade and is officially a pro at the back-to-school routine. It’s so crazy how fast time is flying! Summer coming to an end is always bitter-sweet. We’re all going to miss those long, hot days, but there is also so much to look forward to in the upcoming months. I’ve been trying to remind Nate that as he’s overcoming his first week back blues. He likes school, but everyone dreads the rigid routine!

One thing that always gets me excited is shopping for the new seasons. We partnered up with Old Navy to show you some cool fall colors and alternate denim options. We went all in for fall and opted for colors that remind us of the changing of the leaves. That is one of the prettiest things about fall! Our last coordinating outfit from Old Navy was somewhat collegiate and sporty, so we decided to switch things up a bit and go for a little grunge. Nate and I are all about that street style!

I really love how I was able to find almost the exact mini-me look for Nate, to coordinate with my outfit. I can’t express enough how cool I feel when we’re walking down the street and we hear the people complimenting us both on how cute we look together. No matter how good I think I look when I’m walking solo, I can’t buy a compliment LOL, but when we’re in our matching Old Navy outfits, they are just thrown our way. Haha.

We started our looks with matching black denim jackets. I wore the Built-In Flex Black Denim Jacket which has just the right amount of give in the denim, and Nate wore the 2-in-1 Hooded 24/7 Black Denim jacket. For me, I actually don’t like wearing denim jackets with built-in hoodies, but for Nathan I think they’re perfect! They give that little bit of grunge vibes that we like, but don’t add that bulkiness that will make him uncomfortable. I really like how Old Navy uses the exact color tones in both the Men’s and Boy’s collections. If you look at our outfits you would think that we’re wearing the exact same pieces, but really it’s just the exact same colors!

I love the tobacco leaf color of this Pullover Hoodie and Nate’s matching Color-Blocked Thermal-Knit Raglan Tee. The colors are described differently…Nate’s is Golden Brown, but they literally match to a Tee! Get it? LOL (corny dad joke alert) The one thing I love about Old Navy is that I always feel super comfortable in their clothes. You know when you have to go out, but are in no mood to get dressed up and just feel like wearing sweats? In these cases I always end up throwing on an Old Navy look instead. I get that same kind of comfort, without the sloppiness of sweats! I’m pretty sure it’s because a lot of their pieces have the built-in flex. Nate loves it and I can definitely see why. The Relaxed Slim Khakis are just what I’m talking about and with the Warm Bread color, this look can’t get any more fall! Now every time I see this color I think of warm banana bread, which is my favorite, and it always has me craving a piece LOL. Nate wore the Karate Built-In Flex Slim Jeans, that he calls his “comfy pants”. We have yet to tell him that they are actually brown jeans! haha We always have a hard time getting him to wear jeans because he associates denim as a stiff & uncomfortable material, so we’ll just stick with also calling these his “comfy pants”. I mean I love all kinds of denim, but I totally understand how an active little boy might hate wearing traditional denim, that’s why the built-in flex is perfect for him!

What do you think of our twinning Old Navy looks? Comment on our post if you’re a dad that likes matching your little man!

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Finding Inspiration in Beacon

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Sponsored by LifeWTR
All thoughts and opinions are my own. LIFEWTR Blog Father and Son Blog LIFEWTR Father and Son Style Exploring Beacon, NY LIFEWTR

After recently taking Nate to a painting class and then introducing him to the LIFEWTR artist profiles of students who created the cool labels on the LIFEWTR bottles, Nate has been a little more in tune with his creative side. Whenever we’re exploring a new town or city, I’m always drawn to check out artwork and murals, so I think my interest in street art has gotten Nate a little intrigued in the arts as well. We love exploring Beacon, NY. It’s an eclectic little up and coming city that is known for their arts community. We’re lucky enough to only be 20 minutes from Beacon, the home of a contemporary art museum which houses a collection of art from the 1960’s to the present. When we told Nate where we were going, I was actually a little shocked that he was so excited to check it out again! He’s been there before and really likes the crushed car exhibit. It was so cool to see how into it he was and how many questions he had. To be honest, I didn’t get most of the art myself, but I can still appreciate it. I thought if I tried to explain it to him from the descriptions they had at each exhibit, it would lose him, because to be honest, I couldn’t really understand it myself LOL. Most of the time I answered his questions and told him something that I thought would just let his imagination run!

Before heading off to our next spot, we picked up some LIFEWTR at our nearby 7-Eleven…my son loves the bottles with the sports caps so he can squirt it right into his mouth, or mine. He also thought it was a good idea to bring these because they’re “artsy” and we were going somewhere “artsy”, so it just made sense. He’s too cute.

Beacon is a great town to visit. Besides the museum, they have a lot of great places to eat, cute little stores, and a killer donut shop where you can customize your own donuts. Now that’s my kind of art! (LOL) It was such a nice day, we finished our donuts and at Nate’s request, decided to walk around. Down the street from the donut shop they have a really cool mural of a faceless man on a brick wall. As I mentioned, I love street art, and it was cool to show and remind Nate that not all art is displayed at a gallery or museum. He was impressed and loved the massive display!

The sun that day just kept us wanting to stroll around, so we did. We took a walk along the abandoned train tracks which actually brought us to a cool little brewery. I was driving so I didn’t partake in any of the beer and just stuck with my LIFEWTR!

It was a fun little day to just finally be outside, walking around. Normally I feel like we’re always on the go, rushing to our next commitment, but that day was an amazingly slower than normal pace and we all enjoyed it. We also got to show Nate some artwork that normally you might just walk by everyday and not really take it in, but someone did use their creativity to create it, and some of it is really impressive. We ended our trip by a little waterfall, which we told Nate was nature’s version of art! It was so peaceful to just sit there, sun beaming down, listening and mesmerized at the falling, glistening water.

After my 2 recent projects with LIFEWTR it definitely helped me realize to not just assume I know all of my son’s interests. We tried a painting class together for the first time, then had a painting session of our own at home, and then brought him back to a museum we originally thought he had no interest in, but surprisingly was super excited to go back. I love being able to expose Nate to new things, especially when he’s secretly learning while having fun!