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    Cozy for Fall in Old Navy

    Father and Son Old Navy Outfit

    Is it me or does summer continue to get shorter every year? As soon as Labor Day ends the temps start dropping and the sun starts setting earlier and earlier. I always get a little bummed this time of year, but once the limbo of weather stops and it starts remaining cooler, I immediately start enjoying this cozy season. This year I plan on starting to wear more sweaters. For some reason I went years without wearing sweaters. I think…

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    Sips, Eats & Rewards

    These days I rarely carry cash on me. I use my debit card and credit cards for everything. So when using a card, I want to make sure I pick one…

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    Fall Twinning in Old Navy

    Back to school season is here and it’s just as exciting as when Nate started kindergarten last year. He’s moved onto the first grade and is officially a pro at the…

  • Old Navy Father & Son Outfit
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    Back-2-School (denim) Blues

    This time of year is always so confusing for me because I have so many mixed emotions. I’m bummed summer is almost over and the days are slowly starting to get…

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    My Shopping Playground

    So, I don’t know about you, but I love shopping. I mean, I really LOVE to shop (LOL). But, what I don’t like is spending all of my hard-earned money to…

  • Old Navy 4th of July Looks
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    Red, White & (Old) Navy

    Now that summer has officially kicked off and July is right around the corner, Nate and I can’t wait for July 4th! Nathan is super patriotic and loves all things American,…