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Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Review

Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review

Like most people, during the summer my family and I LOVE being outside! Whether it’s hanging by the pool, or just sitting on the back deck relaxing, or having a drink, or entertaining, or having a bbq, we love spending as much time as we can outside. And ever since we got our deck redone last year and have new outdoor furniture, we want to be out there even more.

With all the trees around my house I always have leaves and other debris falling on the deck and on our furniture (annoying!). So before we lay out, sit out, or cook out, we always tidy up beforehand because it just looks nicer and feels nicer! Just like inside the house, I want convenience and ease to make cleaning quick and simple so I can get to my pina colada as soon as possible LOL. That’s why I love being able to just grab my Dyson V11 Torque Drive and just swoop around, hit the deck and cushions, and throw it right back on the charger. So quick and easy!

I love the LCD screen on the back that tells me the battery life. You can switch between the 3 power settings: eco, auto, and boost and choose the right power that you need for whatever mess you’re cleaning up. I love this feature! The overall suction is incredible and I love all of the attachments it comes with. The crevice tool attachment might be one of my faves. I use it behind the furniture cushions, under my baseboard heaters in the house, under and between my seats in my car, and pretty much anywhere I can’t get to normally. So good! I have these chaise lounge chairs that always seem to build up debris right where you sit because of the crack from where they fold, and this tool also works perfectly here because it sucks the little leaf pieces right up! It’s so crazy, but I get this weird satisfaction using this little powerful vacuum and watching the debris disappear in seconds. Even my son love using it! LOL

I just love the Dyson brand all around. They have such incredible and high-tech appliances that look as good as they function. I love when appliances look sleek! So we still have the Dyson V10 which we decided to bring upstairs in our house and we will keep this Dyson V11 Torque Drive downstairs. I can’t say enough how easy these vacuums make our life. Instead of having to lug out this big vacuum and only get to vacuuming once a week because it just feels like a huge inconvenience, this family vacuums at least once a day. It’s just so quick and easy! Between Nate’s crumbs when he sneaks snacks in his room, our carpeted stairs that always seem to get dust and hair stuck to them, the dirt that gets tracked into our home right by the front door, and of course our outdoor space that is exposed to the most debris, we easily use our vacuum multiple times a day, and don’t mind doing so. Our Dyson V11 is quick, it’s easy, it works amazing and it looks cool!

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