We stayed over night in MD so that we could hit up some fall festivals and take my son Nate pumpkin picking. We went to Fifer Orchards and had a blast. He was able to go on a train pulled by a tractor, played in a corn-box (a giant sandbox filled with corn), go through a corn maze, and then we moved on to my son’s favorite, the slide – which I also joined him in! He must’ve went up and down at least 20 times, I must’ve went up and down about 10. Thinking about building one of these slides at my house! I had an amazing pork taco with all fresh ingredients but unfortunately I ate it before I could take a picture…had some amazing apple cider donuts and also got to swing down a zip line – which was pretty cool. This was one of the better farms we’ve been to – the food was awesome…lots of activities and the donuts were the best ever. For the day I wore a plain grey tee with a pair of GAP ripped denim jeans, a POLO denim button down, black Adidas shell-tops, my burnt orange Felt Porkpie hat from Urban Outfitters and a necklace my wife bought me. I know a lot of people don’t think GAP is a good brand, but I always seem to find things that fit well, look good and at a good price. Bought these jeans for $15 – love the way they look and fit. I say buy what you like, and what looks good – don’t just buy a brand. This is one of the nicest denim button-downs I’ve come cross. The ivory buttons add a sick detail. I have about 4 Adidas pro model high tops and I’ll probably be adding more in the future – love the way these shoes look…straight hip hop. So this is one of my first hats in years – I have a small peanut head and most hats don’t fit my head good lol For most hats to fit me, I’d have to tuck in my ears – not a good look – so when I came across this hat that fit my tiny head it was a score! I’m hoping to add more style hats to the wardrobe in the future – and already have 2 on order. Besides my wedding band and a few watches, I don’t have any accessories – never was really into it. Lately I’ve been trying to expand my style and add some new pieces. I used to think the only accessories for guys were watches and gold. Unfortunately it’s hard for me to afford the watches I like or heavy pieces in real gold. I’m starting to realize that you don’t have to feel cheesy wearing fake gold as long as your not trying to pass it off as real – but if you’re comfortable with it – own it! My wife helped me out with this sick Lovebullets Arkansas Crystal Necklace from Urban Outfitters (it’s a bullet with quartz coming out of the shell). As we were leavingĀ Fifer Orchards there was a John Deere vendor set up. Nathan got to check out some of the tractors – told daddy to buy a new tractor and cut the grass lol He also noticed a little tractor for himself and fell in love. We’re in the midst of potty training and told him if he went on the potty we would get him the tractor. A couple days later, poop in toilet, tractor delivered! #Imabigboynow. Tractor review coming soon…

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