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Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Review

Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review Dyson V11 Review

Like most people, during the summer my family and I LOVE being outside! Whether it’s hanging by the pool, or just sitting on the back deck relaxing, or having a drink, or entertaining, or having a bbq, we love spending as much time as we can outside. And ever since we got our deck redone last year and have new outdoor furniture, we want to be out there even more.

With all the trees around my house I always have leaves and other debris falling on the deck and on our furniture (annoying!). So before we lay out, sit out, or cook out, we always tidy up beforehand because it just looks nicer and feels nicer! Just like inside the house, I want convenience and ease to make cleaning quick and simple so I can get to my pina colada as soon as possible LOL. That’s why I love being able to just grab my Dyson V11 Torque Drive and just swoop around, hit the deck and cushions, and throw it right back on the charger. So quick and easy!

I love the LCD screen on the back that tells me the battery life. You can switch between the 3 power settings: eco, auto, and boost and choose the right power that you need for whatever mess you’re cleaning up. I love this feature! The overall suction is incredible and I love all of the attachments it comes with. The crevice tool attachment might be one of my faves. I use it behind the furniture cushions, under my baseboard heaters in the house, under and between my seats in my car, and pretty much anywhere I can’t get to normally. So good! I have these chaise lounge chairs that always seem to build up debris right where you sit because of the crack from where they fold, and this tool also works perfectly here because it sucks the little leaf pieces right up! It’s so crazy, but I get this weird satisfaction using this little powerful vacuum and watching the debris disappear in seconds. Even my son love using it! LOL

I just love the Dyson brand all around. They have such incredible and high-tech appliances that look as good as they function. I love when appliances look sleek! So we still have the Dyson V10 which we decided to bring upstairs in our house and we will keep this Dyson V11 Torque Drive downstairs. I can’t say enough how easy these vacuums make our life. Instead of having to lug out this big vacuum and only get to vacuuming once a week because it just feels like a huge inconvenience, this family vacuums at least once a day. It’s just so quick and easy! Between Nate’s crumbs when he sneaks snacks in his room, our carpeted stairs that always seem to get dust and hair stuck to them, the dirt that gets tracked into our home right by the front door, and of course our outdoor space that is exposed to the most debris, we easily use our vacuum multiple times a day, and don’t mind doing so. Our Dyson V11 is quick, it’s easy, it works amazing and it looks cool!

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My Family’s Favorite Ice Cream

Daddy Blogger

Men's lifestyle blogger  Daddy Blogger Men's lifestyle blogger Men's lifestyle blogger
When it comes to sweets, my family doesn’t play around…we love them! And it’s no surprise that ice cream is one of our absolute favorite things to eat. We all seem to have very different taste when it comes to ice cream, but my wife and son are more likely to agree on a flavor. They usually go for the classics, but I’m more likely to want something a little different!

I love ice cream so much that when I pop one of those pints open it’s honestly so hard for me to stop – I usually end up finishing it in one sitting, or come pretty close LOL don’t judge! Halo Top Creamery is one of my go-to ice cream brands. Besides their great flavor options, the fact that they are all 370 calories or less per pint is amazing! It’s a light ice cream, and you would never even know it. This way I can finish the entire pint if I desire 🙂 and only have a third amount of the calories than I would with another brand. I just don’t feel as guilty eating the entire pint when it’s my Halo Top!

We recently introduced Nate to the brand and I was nervous at first, because he’s super particular with his ice cream and usually only eats 1 or 2 specific flavors and brands, but the first day he tried it he loved it. He liked how creamy and smooth it was, and I must agree…something about Halo Top’s ice cream is just creamier and I love that. His favorite flavor so far is the Cookies & Cream, mine is the Jelly Donut flavor, and my wife loves the Sea Salt Caramel. We each tend to always grab our fave flavors but then end up sharing once we’re snacking at home.

Since I entered my thirties, I’ve definitely noticed that I can’t just eat junk as much as I used to like when I was younger, and it’s much harder to keep the weight off if I’m not watching what I eat and working out during the week. But it’s a struggle! It’s hard to constantly keep that clean-eating routine all week, and then you have that mid-week day (especially during the hot summer), when you just want a cold, yummy treat. I mean how can I deprive myself from ice cream after coming home from a hard day’s work?! I’ll come home, go for a dip in the pool, then be outside playing with Nate and he finally says to me “Daddy, let’s have some ice cream!” That’s when the internal struggle begins. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I just wait for the weekend when I’m allowed to have my sweets and snacks? It’s no fun having to think this way, so I decided there should be a fine balance with everything and I was going to stop “shoulding” myself. With Halo Top Creamery the answer’s easy. I have the ice cream with my boy and enjoy my summer day! Whether I eat a few spoonfuls or the entire pint I honestly do not feel guilty about it at all, and it’s so darn good and it hits the spot and fulfills that weekday craving of mine!

I feel like the little voice in my head telling me “you should be doing this” or “you should be doing that” appears far too often. Besides my mid-week ice cream cravings, I’ll get the guilt of feeling like I should be doing yard work instead of enjoying the pool, or I should be cleaning the house and being productive instead of enjoying a lazy morning in bed, or Nate should really have dinner first before he has some ice cream. I was happy to be a part of the Halo Top Creamery “StopShouldingYouself” campaign and throw that little voice in my head out the window! LOL And in doing so I’ve come to learn that if I do just what I feel like doing in that moment, life is that much more enjoyable. I’ll get to the yard work eventually – I always do. The house will get cleaned when I’m in the mood to clean, and if Nate wants a little Halo Top before dinner, so what, what’s the difference what order he eats his food in as long as he eats it?!

When you stop “shoulding” yourself I feel like you can actually be more productive and these little moments of the unexpected can make life that much more exciting and enjoyable. Plus, when I’m actually in the mood to do yard work (and there are times when I am in the mood!) then I’m more likely to not be so miserable doing it and the entire project gets done, instead of starting something when I’m just not feeling it. It actually in-turn makes me more productive when I do things on my own internal time and when I’m ready and in the mood! Like right now, it’s lunch time and I should probably have my grilled chicken that I made for lunch, but it’s 90 degrees out and all I want to do is go sit on my back deck for 20 minutes and have some spoonfuls of my wife’s Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel! LOL So I’m going to! #stopshouldingyourself

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Nate’s 1st Online Course With iD Tech

NY Daddy Blogger

NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger NY Daddy Blogger

I cannot believe that the school year is just about over. It’s been a crazy past few months with everything that’s been going on, in addition to figuring out and adjusting to this home-schooling life, but we did it, and summer is just about here!

Every other year Nate has gone to a sports camp part-time during the summer, but with the uncertainty of his camp opening, and us not really even feeling comfortable sending him anywhere this year, we decided to sign him up for an online summer camp course through iD Tech Virtual Tech Camps. Even though he’s only 7 he has such an interest in gaming, YouTube, coding, and already tells us that he wants to either be a professional gamer or computer programmer, so we’ve always wanted to find a course that he could take to further his knowledge.

We looked into local schools but never found any nearby, and the idea of driving an hour or more each day for an online course just seemed unreasonable. We never even thought of an online course for him until recently! We signed him up for the Minecraft World Designer Virtual Tech Camp with iD Tech. It’s for ages 7-9 and everything is done online. As soon as we asked him if we wanted to take an online course about Minecraft he was sold! His eyes lit up and he was so excited to start. He kept asking us when does it start, when does it start. LOL

His class is for a week and we were able to choose the time slot that works best for us, so we’re doing it at 4pm during the week. We absolutely LOVE the fact that the class is small and there’s only about 5 kids in it, which really lets the instructor devote his attention to all of them equally. Nate prefers it that way too. I’ve seen him on online meetings with his school before, and he always seems to participate more and seems more into it when there is less people and it’s not a big group of kids trying to speak over each other. So the iD Tech course is perfect for him!

He just logs on and does his thing. Honestly, not sure we could even help him if we wanted to because I don’t know much about Minecraft at all and just looking at it seems confusing! LOL It’s so cute how he watches his instructor on the screen so intently and then raises his little hand and waits patiently to be called on so he can ask his question or give his opinion on something. I love seeing him participate – it’s so cute!

Nate absolutely loves his virtual tech course! Just yesterday he asked me if he had his Minecraft course today and when I told him he did, he whispers to himself “YES!”. Then he continued watching the clock anxious for it to begin. It really makes me proud as to how into it he is! And watching him speak up and participate with all his little Minecraft terminology and talking about coordinates and negative numbers – it’s just so impressive!

Nate really enjoys his Minecraft World Designer course that I just know we’re going to have to sign him up for the next one to expand his knowledge. I really love that this game teaches commands, coding and really gets you thinking. I mean, I asked Nate what he learned on his first day and his answer was “it inspires him to think more”. All I can say is WOW and I love that he’s enjoying learning through gaming and this course!

Click here and use my code ERIC125 to get $125 off any Virtual Tech Camp! We’ll be using it on Nate’s next course 🙂

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Nate Made Me Breakfast in Bed!

NY Lifestyle Blogger

Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches NY Daddy Blogger Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches NY Lifestyle Blogger Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger NY Lifestyle Blogger Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches

This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s one of those holidays that always gets me super sentimental. My father passed away when I was 15, so every year that I get to celebrate with my son means a lot to me – and I’m sure every father feels the same way!

Read on to see how my son surprised me and made me feel so special by serving me Jimmy Dean® Frozen Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches in bed! We’ve been shopping online for groceries more so than ever lately so Nate usually browses the ACME app with us to add anything special he wants for the week, so he made sure to secretly add these sandwiches with mommy without me seeing. Now that we’re using the ACME app to shop and get our groceries delivered, it was a lot easier for them to surprise me without us all being at the grocery store together. We love the “New Deals” section in the app – it’s so easy to see the new items on sale that we may not have necessarily had on our list, but are always willing to purchase at a good deal!

I was having one of those weeks where I felt overwhelmed. I was rushing around finishing work and projects, and I was even feeling busy at home on the weekends. I had said out loud, “I wish I could have one of those days where I don’t even leave the bed, and I can enjoy yummy food and watch movies all day.” Well, my son is very observant and takes in everything he hears. So this year, Nathan wanted to make me breakfast in bed!

It’s well known that I’m the cook in this family, so I think Nate was a little skeptical with the idea, since he knows mommy is not much of a cook LOL (she cleans, I cook) – and it works out just fine! He told me I could get dressed but not to leave the bedroom.

We eat plain croissants a lot in the house, especially in the mornings, and whenever we go out on the weekends, I usually stop for a sausage, egg and cheese at the deli. So when my wife and son saw these Jimmy Dean® Frozen Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches at ACME, they knew they would be perfect for me, and perfect for them because they didn’t require any preparation or cooking! 🙂

I waited patiently upstairs while they prepared, and I could smell the warm croissants heating up—I had no idea what it was, but it smelled so good! Nate was so cute, barely being able to carry the tray with everything on it, but somehow he managed. It was complete with a little plant, pineapple juice (which I love) and salt, pepper, and ketchup; because he knows that’s what I always get on my egg sandwiches at the deli!

Up he came with the Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant sandwiches, and they were so good! I love how crispy the croissants got! Nathan had never actually tried eggs before and never even had an urge to, but I think because these sandwiches looked and smelled so good, he was enticed. Plus, he loves croissants, so that enticed him even more! He really surprised me by asking if he could have one. I was shocked. You know how kids are—if they think they don’t like something, even if they’ve never had it, that’s it, they don’t like it, end of conversation. But he wanted to try these, even though they had egg on them, so I was thrilled! To be honest, I feel like having a sausage, egg and cheese croissant is like a right of passage. I think I may have lived on them all throughout high school LOL. I was seriously so excited he wanted try them! First bite, and his eyes lit up. He loved them, and it made me so happy because now I have someone to enjoy them with! My wife on the other hand, wants nothing to do with eggs, so I never really end up making them as much as I would like to. But now that I know Nate is a fan of these Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant sandwiches, they will be stocked in our freezer at all times!

Thanks for my early Father’s Day surprise bud! Besides being so thoughtful, I’m happy we got to share that moment of you trying a new food for the first time and loving it just as much as I do. Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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Nobody Doesn’t Like SaraLee :)

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SaraLee Review SaraLee Review Dad Blogger SaraLee Review SaraLee Review Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers Father and Son Bloggers SaraLee Review

This time of year is really the most magical time of year! Right from Thanksgiving, up until New Year’s it’s filled with so much fun, activities and family time and I absolutely love it! With that said, it’s also the busiest time of year. Between work, shopping, fun time with the family, and all the holiday parties, we’re barely left with any spare time. As much as I enjoy baking, especially with my son Nate because he loves to bake, when it gets this hectic and our time is limited, I just rely on the fan favorite Sara Lee Desserts!

Sara Lee is just that brand that you remember when you were younger. Your grandparents had it, your parents bought it, and now I’m buying it for my family. Besides being so good, it just makes you feel cozy. I love the ease of being able to have a delicious cake or pie anytime I want but without the hassle, time and mess. The best thing about it is that I can grab it from my local grocery store and just keep it frozen until it’s time to enjoy. I myself usually always go for the Dutch Apple Pie or a cheesecake. Nothing’s better than warm apple pie with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream….mmmmm so good! My mother-in-law is the one that actually got me hooked on their cheesecake! The first time we had it together she would always talk about how it reminded her of her childhood and that her mother used to always buy it for them as a kid. Even though it wasn’t my childhood, it felt nostalgic for me too.

When I went to pick up my Sara Lee Dutch Apple Pie, I brought Nate with me, and he told me he wanted to try the All Butter Pound Cake this time. Normally his favorite one to grab is always the Chocolate Creme Pie but since we already had some left of this one from our last trip, he decided he wanted to try something new! I was really excited because I feel like the pound cake is one of the most underrated cakes there is. It doesn’t get the street cred it deserves.

Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t have all the frosting and sprinkles is what makes it so good! The flavor just speaks for itself and you can dress it up anyway you like! I couldn’t believe this was the first time both my wife and son were trying pound cake! They both love plain, buttery treats, so I couldn’t believe they had never had it before. This time around we kept it kind of simple with just some whipped cream and I was shocked at how much Nate was loving it.

I mean this kid has around 4 brownie sundaes a week LOL, so he knows his desserts! I wasn’t sure if he was going to tell me it was a little plain but all he kept saying was “can I have another piece?” LOL I always knew I loved their pound cake, so I was happy that Nate and my wife agreed with me. He did say he was curious about what other things we could add to it for next time, but that’s what makes pound cake so good…you can keep it plain or switch it up anyway you want. Even as I’m writing this, it shocks me that this was a cake was ever even frozen! It’s easy to forget because it’s so good.

With the Christmas music playing, tree lights on, Nate running around with his little Elfie in hand, my wife wrapping gifts, and our Sara Lee Desserts about to be served, I just love this time of year so much. It was so great sharing Nate’s first Sara Lee Pound Cake experience with him. Just sitting at the counter together with silly conversations over our Sara Lee pound cake and pie had me feeling the same way my mother-in-law was speaking about her childhood with her parents. We’re continuing the traditions over here with Sara Lee Desserts!

If you’re like us and running around with little time to bake this year, check out the SaraLee Desserts in the frozen foods aisle at your local grocery store. Everybody doesn’t like something, but nobody doesn’t like SaraLee! 🙂

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My Go-to Jacket Brand & An Exciting Announcement!

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets

CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather Jackets CockpitUSA Father & Son Leather JacketsA leather coat is one of those essential pieces that everyone should own. There’s so many different styles of leather jackets you can always find the perfect jacket no matter what your style is. When it comes to leather, quality to me, is one of the most important aspects in picking the right brand to go with. These jackets are an investment and if you treat them right they will be with you forever and are well worth it!

Growing up I was always into military style pieces. My father worked at the docks in Brooklyn and we always visited Army/Navy stores together when I was younger. I think that’s probably what really ignited my love for the armed forces kind of vibe. Unfortunately, I was never able to own a leather jacket growing up, so I knew that once I was in a position to get my own, it would have to be a quality leather!

Cockpit USA is one of my all time favorite outerwear brands! Not only are they top quality, but I love that when I style them, their jackets just have this bit of edge to them that I like. Now their edge doesn’t come from trying to be edgy, but it actually just comes from staying authentic to iconic American civilian and military design. Cockpit USA has been around for over 40 years, and they continue to make jackets that are suitable for pilots and guys like us that want bad ass jackets – like some of the styles I’m rocking here. Whether it’s a bomber, sheepskin, leather, textile or a varsity jacket, they are definitely one of those brands, that just delivers such sick pieces with that top-notch quality that I love. I also love that they make kids jackets as well. When we visited the Cockpit showroom not too long ago, it was one of the rare times that I saw Nate actually get excited about a jacket! He loved the camo & leather bomber so we had to get them!

I currently own 4 Cockpit jackets and Nate owns 3! I linked the ones that are still available here:
Aces & Eights Flight Jacket
M51 DMZ Fishtail Shell
Kids Top Gun G-1 Jacket
Kids Camouflage Field Jacket

Whenever I wear any of my Cockpit jackets, they pretty much just make the outfit. I usually keep it simple underneath and let the jacket be that statement piece on top. Whenever I share a look on my Instagram page (@BlueCollarPrep) featuring one, I always get such positive feedback and so much love for them. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of their sheepskin jackets! They are just so top-level, and the sexiness and quality is on point. I seriously need one!

With such a love for this brand, I was super excited when they had an interest in my beanies from my brand BLUE. They’ll be carrying a few select colors of ours on their website: camel, gold & neon orange! Check them out here! I’ve actually worn each of these colors with one of their jackets at some point and definitely agree these will fit perfectly in with the vibe of their brand. I couldn’t be more excited that such an iconic brand, that is one of my all-time faves, will be offering the BlueCollarPrep Watch Cap to their dedicated customers & featuring Nate and I in their Joint Forces collection.

If you’re in the market for a quality jacket that you want to elevate your looks, and have that quality that will allow the piece to last forever, Cockpit USA is a brand to check out. I’ve always been a fan, and now my son is as well! Make sure to pick up one of my Watch Caps before you complete the purchase and tag my brand @Not.The.Color.Blue on IG if you rock it!

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Undercover Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets Review

This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m constantly striving to live a healthier lifestyle and find new foods to buy that will help and actually taste good. My family loves to eat but unfortunately, we tend to forget about the vegetables. During the week, there are very few meals that Nate and I can share because trying to get a 7 year old or a picky wife to eat healthy with me is no easy task! So, it’s sad to say, getting my son to learn how to eat healthy has been a struggle for me. I know I’m not the only one out there because I remember my mother trying to get me to eat my veggies and let’s be honest, what kid is really into it?Raised & Rooted Nuggets Review

That’s why I’m so happy I was introduced to these new Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets that we got from our local ACME. They’re crafted with pea protein and are a great way to feed my family with a familiar flavor. Instead of meat, they are a plant-based alternative. They are the perfect way to get Nate to eat some more vegetables! I mean, who doesn’t like nuggets?! The Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets honestly taste just like regular chicken nuggets! I was shocked that right out of the oven, they were as crispy as dropping them in a fryer—and nuggets are always better crispy. Nate is big into nuggets and couldn’t wait to try these. He loved the crunch and loved the flavor. We never told Nathan they weren’t chicken, and he still doesn’t have any idea that he’s eating a pea-based nugget. 🙂 Plus, after trying them, he told me these were his favorite “chicken” nuggets. Score! So happy I found another way to sneak some veggies into Nate’s diet.

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Now, I can finally sit down with Nate and have a meal where we are both eating the same food. And I can also get my protein and fiber. Plus, I don’t have to spend hours cooking it up. I can just grab a bag from the frozen foods aisle when we do our weekly shopping at ACME. We love ACME. I love using their mobile app, and I feel like I always seem to find and get the best deals whenever we shop there. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your current diet by adding in some more veggies, I highly recommend these. My kid still thinks he’s eating “chicken.” Try them now at your local ACME and save!

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

Raised & Rooted Nuggets

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Indoor Freshness With Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review

Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review Miracle-Gro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System Review

Growing up in Brooklyn and always living in an apartment I never thought I would be able to have my own garden. When my wife and I finally bought a house in the suburbs I thought that was finally my opportunity to have one. However, whenever it came down to talking about actually having a garden in our backyard, it just seemed like way too much work, and not feasible with our NY seasons and the limited time that I’d actually be able to grow produce. Not to mention, with all the time I spend working and wanting to make sure I spend as much quality time with my family as I can, I learned very quickly I was probably not going to get that garden that I’ve always wanted.

I thought about just growing herbs and putting them by the window but my wife was not thrilled with that idea either. Not to mention, we don’t get a ton of natural sunlight in our house and also don’t have the greenest thumbs around…even though we are such plant lovers in my house!

So…when I finally got the chance to get a MiracleGro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System I was super excited! Right out of the box the system was pretty simple to set up. I just downloaded the app and followed the step by step instructions. It really was just a couple of screws to get it together. I immediately started growing garden lettuce as a seedling, which again I learned by just following the instructions on the app and it showed me how to put the seedling in the system. After all of your seedlings are planted, that’s pretty much it! The app told me when the water got low and when I needed to add food. Besides that, there was nothing left to do until it was time to harvest! How do you know when it’s time? You guessed it…the app will tell you! It was so cool watching the seedling start out small and over time get fuller and quicker than I expected. Nate and I loved taking a peek together to check on our growing lettuce as the days went by.

Once it was time to harvest, it really was so cool and fun being able to just pick my lettuce right from my living room! Nate helped me out and he got a kick out of it too. Right now, Nate’s not a huge veggie eater, but I’m hoping with our new system, and him being able to grow his own, it will make it a little more fun and make Nate more likely to want to eat them! Since I try to stick to the clean-eating during the week, I decided to make buffalo shrimp lettuce tacos with my newly grown lettuce. I’m always on the hunt for healthy new recipes so I can’t believe I’ve never tried this one before. They were sooooo good! Recipe down below!

After I harvested all of my lettuce, I decided to try mint and sage next…you know, for those weekend mojitos. 🙂 I’m thinking I will probably use the system more for herbs because I use them more frequently when cooking. I love eating healthy and always use different herbs in my meals. But honestly, there is nothing worse than when you get to the supermarket and find that the mint and cilantro or other herbs just don’t look fresh or they’re out of stock completely! Happens to me more so than not. So, I just went to the app, changed what I was growing and it gave me step by step instructions on how to clean the system to prep for my new growing period. Whenever you change plants, it tells you to clean the system and start fresh. This only took me about 15 minutes and again was super easy.

This time around, I started with a young starter plant that’s already been growing in soil, and again, the app gives you the steps you need to do so. Once you plant the herbs you are pretty much on autopilot until it’s time to harvest. Besides having fresh herbs right at my fingertips, to be able to use in all of my recipes, there’s nothing better than walking past the system and getting the scent of that fresh mint! We put the system in our living room right next to our favorite chair and love hearing the running water in the background. The LED light also works as a great night light. It just sets a whole new vibe in our house amongst all of our other plant decor and we love it!

Since I’ve had the system, I’ve grown lettuce, kale, mint and sage and my entire family absolutely loves it! My grandfather, who has an outdoor garden in Arizona was so intrigued when I was telling him about it, he was asking how he could get one for his house LOL Now I officially have my fridge, my stove, and my MiracleGro® Twelve™ Indoor Growing System all synced up to my phone…so crazy & convenient that it is now all connected!

Ingredients (Makes 6 tacos)
• 1 lb raw peeled + cleaned frozen shrimp (thawed)
• 1/3 cup Buffalo Sauce
• 2 tsp oil or butter for sautéing
• 1 tsp paprika
• 1/2 tsp garlic powder
• 1/4 tsp salt
• 1/8 tsp black pepper
• 6-12 leaves of lettuce leaves

• shredded carrots
• chopped red bell pepper
• chopped or sliced jalapeño pepper
• pickled carrots or pickled jalapeños
• shredded cabbage or slaw
• chopped red onion
• chopped green onion
• fresh cilantro
• crushed red pepper flakes
• extra red hot sauce for drizzling

1. Set defrosted shrimp in fridge, covered, while you prep your tacos
2. Wash lettuce & chop your choice of veggies from the topping list
3. Heat a large pan or skillet to medium-high heat with 2 tsp of butter or oil and sauté your shrimp. Season with paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. Cook on each side for about 2 minutes until shrimp curl and become opaque. The cook time will depend on the heat setting you choose and the size of your shrimp
4. Add buffalo sauce to pan and mix to coat while the pan is still hot
5. Add shrimp to the tacos whole or chopped
6. Pile the shrimp on your lettuce and top with your choice of taco toppings

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Lacoste & The True Original

Lacoste X Disney

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Most of the time when Nate and I get to coordinate our outfits mommy gets left out. So it’s always fun when the whole family can get in on the matchy-matchy! What better way to get to coordinate than to share your love for one of the most iconic characters ever…Mickey Mouse! It’s hard to believe that Mickey and the LACOSTE Croc have been around for 90 and 85 years, so it’s only fitting that these classic icons come together for a classically clean & fun capsule collection, available for the entire family!

Nate and I scored matching striped polo’s where Mickey Mouse showed off his tennis skills. Nate looked too cute in his polo! He’s always been a fan of Mickey, so this was definitely a fun outfit to coordinate with him on.

I liked the tennis Mickey Mouse so much, I had to go with the white hooded sweatshirt with the larger Mickey on the front. Nate went with the grey sweatshirt with the oversized Mickey head, and my wife went with the crew neck sweater with the oversized Minnie face. With all of the love for Mickey we couldn’t forget about Minnie, so it was fun to get wifey in on our coordinating looks & rep the Minnie! Of course hoodies and sweatshirts are going to be comfortable, but my wife, whose top was a sweater, couldn’t get over how comfortable it was. She said it was one of the nicest feeling sweaters she’d ever worn! I loved how all of these sweatshirts and sweaters had the detailed images on the front, but also had a blacked out version of the silhouette on the back. Seriously…too cute! We definitely got some “aww how cute’s” when we were out and about in our Mickey gear!

We all could not get enough of the LACOSTE Mickey trainers! Mine and wifey’s were white with just a touch of tennis Mickey on the right side of the shoe, but Nathan’s were Mickey’d out! Nate’s had the same silhouette but it completely covered his entire shoe. They’re seriously adorable! These clean, crisp low-top style trainers are very in right now, so the touch of Mickey really separates them from some of the other trainers on the market.

The LACOSTE x Disney Holiday Collector Print Leather Tote that my wife was rockin’ is one of the coolest pieces in the collection. It just screams Mickey and Minnie Mouse and has a pop art feel to it. It has an oversized print, lots of color, and if perfect for when Sarina (wifey) is holding all mine and Nate’s things LOL. My mother-in-law, whose a Mickey Mouse fanatic, was completely in awe of all of our pieces and is currently trying to take over the bag from my wife! Haha.

It was so fun walking down the street with all of us wearing matching pieces and hearing some of the reactions from people walking by and checking us out. I can’t think of another character that can capture the heart of so many generations and give you that same magical feeling throughout your whole life. The love for Mickey just never leaves you.

Check out the LACOSTE x Disney Collection that just launched in November! It’s classic & clean and allows the entire family to coordinate in a cool & timeless kind of way. Mickey, you definitely are the “True Original”!

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Cozy for Fall in Old Navy

Father and Son Old Navy Outfit

Father and Son Old Navy Outfit Boys Old Navy Outfit Father and Son Old Navy Outfit Father and Son Old Navy Outfit Men's Old Navy Outfit Father and Son Old Navy Outfit Boys Old Navy Outfit Father and Son Old Navy OutfitIs it me or does summer continue to get shorter every year? As soon as Labor Day ends the temps start dropping and the sun starts setting earlier and earlier. I always get a little bummed this time of year, but once the limbo of weather stops and it starts remaining cooler, I immediately start enjoying this cozy season.

This year I plan on starting to wear more sweaters. For some reason I went years without wearing sweaters. I think it’s probably because once the summer ends I tend to put on my winter weight LOL and sweaters have always just made me look bulkier than I would like. Luckily, the past year or so I have been doing a better job at staying leaner through the winter and not completely throwing my summer routine in the toilet. I’ve also been doing a better job at finding sweaters that fit me best and that are either loose enough for that oversized look or fit just right and still make me feel comfortable when wearing them.

I really love these graphic sweaters from Old Navy! They have a rugged cool vibe to them and were really fun to dress up and match with Nate (men’s | boys). I have yet to find another brand that does such a good job of coordinating the mens and boys lines. Nate and I layered our sweater with some sherpa-lined denim jackets and some comfy fitted jeans. Old Navy’s Sherpa Denim is great because it’s not too bulky or stiff, which makes it great for layering. Nate’s Sherpa-Lined trucker jacket is just too cool. We love that the arms are lined with a red flannel so we could roll up the sleeves a little to show it off. That added detail definitely made his jacket stand out from all the other sherpa’s I’ve come across and is perfect for both fall and winter.

If you’ve read some of my other Old Navy posts you know how much I like their flex denim. I think these might be my favorite pair to date. They are the perfect fit: not so skinny where they look painted on but they still look skinny enough and have just the right amount of taper. It can be really tough sometimes convincing Nate to wear jeans but I love seeing him in a skinny jean and how they fit his skinny little legs! Luckily he doesn’t mind wearing the Karate skinny jean. He’s also a fan of the comfort of the flex!

Both of us topped off our looks with Old Navy hats: my Graphic Felt Baseball Cap matching the color of Nate’s sweater and Nate’s Sweater Knit Beanie matching my sweater. I thought it was a cool way to add to the coordination of our outfits! We love these sweaters!