Boys will be boys! From picking noses to riding tractors…there’s no better feeling than watching your son enjoy the outdoors and cruising around on a John Deere tractor. Something about it just feels all American. We recently went to Maryland to go pumpkin picking and there was a John Deere vendor selling adult tractors. Nathan kept telling me to get one and cut the grass. He couldn’t help but want to play on every single tractor they had – jumping from one to the other. On the way out they had set up some¬†John Deere kids tractors and toys. Nathan saw this one and fell in love. We’re in the midst of trying to potty train Nathan – he did as requested and went on the potty. A couple days later he received his tractor. Though the tractor came in a lot of pieces, Nathan enjoyed helping me put it together and it was still fairly easy and quick to assemble. Looks pretty authentic. It’s actually a lot faster than I thought it would be. It has 2 speeds…in speed 2 you actually have to jog to keep up with him! Now Nathan is able to walk around with his mother and pick up twigs in the yard. If you have a son, I def recommend one of these. Your son will love feeling like he’s one of the guys working on the house. It also has cool features like reverse and a radio – so he can jam out while driving around!

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