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All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All Birds All BirdsEver since I can remember I have been into sneakers. I must have at least 100 pairs in my closet! Over the years my taste has changed, but I’ve always, and still do love runners. It’s always exciting when I find a new brand and style to add into my collection. The AllBirds Wool Runners silhouette is a clean, minimal look and it’s comfort is on another level! When you put the sneakers on it feels as if you’re wearing a soft merino wool slipper, not to mention, they are one of the most lightweight sneakers I’ve ever owned! I’m typically a no-sock guy, so the fact that these are super soft, wick moisture, and help minimize odor, is a huge plus for me! I was a little nervous that because they’re made of wool they would be too warm, but the merino wool is actually temperature regulating and perfect for any time of year. I just love the clean design and how lightweight they are! Aside from all of these benefits, one of the coolest things about this brand is that they make the exact same runner in Nate’s size – they’re the Smallbirds Wool Runners. He got them in the Kotare Jo and NZ Blue colors. And I must say, I think Nate rocks them better than me LOL. He just always makes anything he wears look super cool. My wife also scored a pair in the natural white color, but unfortunately she’s behind the camera so we didn’t get to show hers off. I kinda love when the entire family has part of their outfit matching. I love my little family, so anytime we can coordinate pieces of our looks, or shoes, it make me feel that much more connected to them.

I have to be honest, I don’t do enough to help the environment. I mean I recycle and do other basic things to try and leave a smaller imprint on the environment, but like everyone I could always do more. So, when I see a company doing everything they can to reduce their environmental footprint it’s definitely inspiring! AllBirds has made this part of their design and promise. The merino wool uses 60% less energy than typical synthetic materials, their shoeboxes (which are so creative and fun) uses 40% less material than traditional shoe packaging, they’re involved in a Soles4Souls partnership, and are B-Corp certified. Now I know when most people are looking for sneakers, these aren’t really things people seek out for, BUT if you can get a shoe that looks great, feels amazing, and from a brand that aims to provide “better shoes in a better way” it’s an all around win! You guys have to try a pair out. With spring right around the corner, they’re the perfect sneaker to go sockless in and words cannot relay the comfort level on these! The fact that my son wore a pair of sneakers with no socks, says it all! 🙂

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