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So amped that it’s finally feeling like spring. I was kind of getting sick of my winter clothes, so it feels good to shed some layers and be able to wear short sleeves again! As I get older I find myself more and more into just wearing basics, but still like to give each look a little edge. I’ve had this Izod jacket for a few years now and was honestly not a fan of it anymore until I got inspired to cuff up the sleeves a bunch to give it a new look. Still diggin’ the color of it, so glad I could make it work again! Now that it’s warming up I can get away with rockin’ my fairly new docs without socks and a cuffed jean – simple, but the docs give it that bit of edge that I like. I never used to be a fan of too much jewelry, but I borrowed my wife’s ring, that was my late father-in-laws, and really dug how it looked – now I’m officially on the hunt to find some more men’s jewelry!


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