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Morning Routines With Folgers®


This post has been sponsored by Folgers Coffee. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As most of you know by now, besides blogging, my other full-time job is as a union electrician. My normal commute is about an hour each way and I have to be at the job site to start my day at 7 a.m. I do most of my blog writing, emails, and social media responses in bed late at night and usually end up staying up until about 11:30pm, right after I get in my last Friends rerun episode in LOL. I just can’t fall asleep without one! I don’t understand how anyone can even say they’re a morning person, but I definitely am not one – no matter what time I go to bed! Add that onto the fact that I don’t eat until about noon, due to the intermittent fasting diet that I’m on. So, you can see how I’d be irritable in the mornings LOL. One thing that really helps get me going in the morning and fulfill my morning food craving is a hot cup of coffee. I’ve never actually used a traditional coffee maker, so I make mine with the Folgers® K-Cup® Pods and my single serve coffee machine.

FolgersI don’t know how I ever survived without Folgers K-Cups and my single serve coffee machine system! I literally have the same routine every morning: get dressed, head downstairs, turn on my coffee machine and pop in one of my Folgers K-Cups, pack my lunch, start my car, pack up my tools, and by the time I’m done, my to-go cup of Folgers coffee is ready. I really look forward to my hot cup of coffee (while I listen to my sports radio) on the way down to work…it makes my commute that much more enjoyable.

FolgersI think it’s that familiar morning Folgers coffee scent and cozy taste that helps bring a comforting start to my morning. From my morning routine, to my wife’s mid-afternoon perk-up, to my son’s weekly chore, Folgers seems to be a part of all of our routines. Flavor wise, our favorites are the Morning Cafe and Classic Roast. From my morning routine, to my wife’s mid-afternoon pick-me-up, to my son’s weekly chore – Folgers seems to be a part of all of our routines.

Every Friday night is ShopRite night in my house. My family usually starts with an early pizza dinner, then we head to ShopRite for our grocery shopping! We actually make our shopping list in the order that the aisles are in. At our ShopRite, the Folgers K-Cups are in the 4th row, near the front of the store. Next time you’re at your local ShopRite, be sure to look out for a Folgers K-Cups $1 off digital coupon available with your ShopRite Price Plus® club card! I don’t know if it’s my age…but I’ve finally become a coupon guy LOL.

FolgersAfter we get home from ShopRite, it’s become my son’s job to put all of the Folgers K-Cups away in the drawer below. He takes this job very serious and makes sure to make all the little cups as neat as possible…sometimes he goes a little overboard and makes some sort of pattern. While we’re putting the rest of the groceries away, my wife and I are not allowed to look until he’s completely finished. But once we do, we have to make sure we “ooohh and ahhh”, about how good of a job he did. It’s the cutest thing and has now become a ritual.

FolgersAside from my morning commute, some days I’ll come home from work and have a cup of coffee as well, while my son joins me with a cup of milk or hot cocoa in his own little mug. This is my time to get all of my school questions in for Nate, while we’re both relaxed on the couch, before he starts running up the walls and tuning me out LOL. It’s crazy to think I remember watching my dad sit back and relax after work, while drinking his coffee, and now here I am today, doing the same thing. I wonder if my son will one day be with his son thinking the same thing. Crazy to think that Folgers has actually been a part of family traditions since 1850! I mean, who hasn’t recited the famous “the best part of waking up…is Folgers in your cup”?!

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