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Nate & I in AG Jeans

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It looks like Nate and I have another brand to shop together! I had no clue that AG Jeans made children’s clothes, but boy am I glad I do now. If you’re not already familiar with it, AG Jeans is a premium denim/lifestyle brand that really cares…cares about what? Just about everything. They care about the quality of their denim and that the design of their collection reflects the sensibility of the brand, and they care about being socially responsible for the blueprint they leave behind. They have partnered with Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations and have Ozone Technology. And, they also use eco-conscious fibers. I know most people probably don’t consider these things when they’re trying to shop for an outfit, but it’s always great to hear that there are companies that do care about these issues and help out where they can!

I am in love with The Axle Shop Jacket. I have been searching for the perfect buffalo plaid jacket and couldn’t be happier with the way this one fits. The length of this jacket falls perfectly and gives it just the right look. The Tellis jean has a stiff look to it, but it actually has some stretch, which means comfort! I love how these pants looks stiff, which is how I like all of my dark denims to appear, but secretly they are super comfortable. Score! I really like the way you can fold these jeans up with an extra large cuff. This style really goes well with the Axle Shop Jacket and gives this look an edgy Williamsburg Brooklyn type of vibe!

When Nate was younger we tried to force him into wearing jeans that weren’t comfortable on him and now whenever he sees jeans he wants to run the other way LOL. So, we either have to get him jeans that have some stretch to them so we can show him that they’ll fit comfortably, or get a colored denim to try and sneak one past him HaHa. Luckily, we didn’t have to do either because Nate was such a fan of the mustard color of the Ryker denim jeans he was excited to wear them. We also gave him the thick cuff to match my look. 🙂 My wife and I get such a kick out of hearing him get excited about wearing clothes…it’s too cute. Usually he’ll just wear what we tell him but when he likes something, he now makes a point to really voice it and he always has such great taste. Honestly, it’s to the point now where if my wife and I are undecided on something, we go to Nate to help make the decision…and he’s usually right! The kid’s got style! We all love denim, so we always make sure to have a denim jacket for Nate. It’s the perfect jacket that goes with any look, and The Drake Jacket also has that bit of stretch to it (that Nate loves for comfort) and has just the right amount of fade to it!

We love our AG looks! Shop them today through 11/26 & get 25% OFF site wide!

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