4 weeks ago I started to participate in No-Shave November. The first 2 weeks were rough until I realized I needed some products to help with the itch. I started out with some beard oils from Killer Beard Oil and while looking for other beardcare products came across Stubble & ‘Stache, who sells a beard wash & conditioner – that I thought would supplement well with my oil use. It was cool to see that they make a face wash tailored for men with a beard, as well as a conditioner. The guys at Stubble & ‘Stache (who founded the company in honor of a fallen US Marine who was known for an epic beard) hooked me up with their Beard Care Starter Kit, that includes the ‘face & beard wash’ and the ‘face moisturizer & beard conditioner’. The beauty of these products is that they’re both 2 in 1. Both your skin and your hair need to be cleansed and moisturized, so they scientifically formulated products to target both. The face wash has a lemony/pine smell with a hint of menthol. It’s a thin gel-like consistency that just pours out on it’s own – no need to squeeze it! Since my beard is not that thick yet I found you don’t need a lot to get a good lather. After you rinse your face you’ll be left with a cool, tingly feeling from the menthol in the wash – it actually feels really refreshing. Once my face is dried I apply the conditioner to my beard and entire face – remember it’s 2 in 1! This is kind of new to me – since I’ve never really moisturized my face before – probably like most guys. The conditioner is scent free, which is nice since I usually use this before I go to bed. You can use their conditioner as your beard oil, but I’m finding their products work really well in conjunction with my other oils. I usually only wash my face in the shower when I get home from work and moisturize right after (they recommend washing your beard around twice a week), but I use my KBO oils whenever I leave the house, since they’re scented! If you’re looking for some good beard care products definitely check out Stubble & ‘Stache – besides quality products, they donate 15% of their profits to those suffering from the mental wounds of war. How could you not want to support a company that gives back to our vets! /// BEARD UPDATE /// My beards getting long enough where it’s not just stubble on my face anymore – I think I can actually call it a beard. Although I’m still using my boar brush I’m finally able to get a comb through it. I’ve found that if you’re going to have your barber shape it up, make sure you guys are on the same page! After all this itch and time growing this thing, if he doesn’t understand what you want he could set you back. I have yet to find a barber who just gets what I want! I’m not used to seeing myself like this so I’ve definitely had a few moments where I just want to shave it off…but I’ve come this far, so I’m going to stick it out until I get it to the length I want and then I’ll decide if it’s a keeper. Beards are supposed to make you manlier, meanwhile I’m starting to have more products than my wife and am starting to have a skincare routine LOL

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