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#GiveGodiva This Valentine’s Day


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I’ve never been one to buy my wife flowers. Now, before you start judging me, hear me out! Roses are pretty, but only for about 24 hours and then they start to die. A bunch of dead flowers on the table just doesn’t scream romance to me! (LOL) Luckily for me, my wife also has never really been into flowers (the smell reminds her of a funeral home) AND she has a MAJOR sweet tooth. Whenever I want to surprise her with something, to show my love and appreciation for her, chocolate is almost always my go-to. So for Valentines day especially, you have to go with the best…Godiva. Surprising her with something sweet is also a fun way to get my 4 year old son Nate involved. What kid doesn’t love going to a store that sells an array of delicious sweets? He loves the idea of me bringing him along to help me pick out something yummy that he thinks mommy would like. We can also spoil ourselves and walk out of there with a delicious milk shake, ice cream, or some hot cocoa! (and you better believe we did) This year we’re giving her the Godiva Slices of Love Chocolate Gift Box and 2 of the Godiva’s Valentine’s Day Gold Boxes. The Slices of Love collection features some of your favorite cakes from around the world in the form of chocolates. Nate picked it out for the packaging, but I was sold on the cake inspired flavors. A chocolate assortment is always a good idea so we (I mean my wife) can try a little of everything! My favorite was the chocolate turtle, my wife loves the caramels, and Nate just wanted to bite into each piece. Getting to share the sweets is another reason I always opt for chocolates over flowers! Nate was so excited to tell mommy “I have a surprise for youuuuuu”. He loves getting presents but also loves giving them, and can’t keep a secret for anything. So, we ended up giving them to her a little early. She was so happy when her 2 favorite guys surprised her with a little luxury of chocolates. We were quickly overpowered with high-pitched mommy excitement, a triple family hug and kisses galore! There’s just something about Godiva that shows you went that extra mile to make someone feel special. Every year it seems like these special occasions mean more and more to me. Being able to show my wife how much my son and I love her and appreciate everything she does to take care of her 2 silly boys means a lot to me. It’s very easy to go everyday and not take time to appreciate the ones you love but as I get older, I try to on a daily basis. I want to make sure they know everyday that no one loves anyone as much as I love them. I love our little family and we will always be a tripod or maybe more like the 3 stooges! 🙂

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