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Soccer Season Begins With Flipp


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This post is in partnership with Flipp. All views and opinions are my own.

With the warm weather coming to an end and the long days of sunshine slowly getting shorter, the end of summer can be a very depressing time of year. However, this September was VERY exciting (and emotional) for us, because our little boy started kindergarten! And by exciting, I mean for Nate…for me it’s more of just sadness. I’m excited for him, but it’s also just a reminder that he’s getting older and starting this new big boy chapter in his life. Lucky for me we had lots of back-to-school shopping to do to help cheer me up. I’m curious if I’m the only dad who actually enjoys this part of it! LOL

With most of Nate’s new clothes shopping complete, we just needed to pick up some equipment for his first year of actual soccer. Last year it was more practice drills with hands-on help from the parents, but this year he’s on a little team with real practices and real games! He’s very excited. It also means he’s going to need some official equipment. I recently teamed up with this amazing app, Flipp, to show you how I handled finding exactly what Nate wanted at the best prices. Talk about perfect timing! The app takes all of the circulars you receive at home (or don’t receive!) and brings them to one digital space. Think of all the time you can save by just opening up the app and finding all the deals from your favorite retailers right at your fingertips, and not having circular after circular scattered across your counter-top!  Browse by retailer, by product category, or by discount offered…no matter which way you Flipp it, Flipp helps you find the best deal across multiple retailers. Whenever I’m in a store and find an item I usually try searching it online to see if I can find it cheaper, but now that I have Flipp, it can handle all of that for me!

You can even store all your reward cards in one place so you don’t have a wallet or keychain full of cards. Once you find the deals as well as any additional coupons you want, Flipp gives you the ability to just clip them right to your loyalty cards, or get money back via rebate. I must introduce this app to my mom and mother-in-law who are still carrying around reward card keychains from 1999! LOL

We used Flipp for our back-to-school soccer season shopping. Nate was able to pick out his cleats, shin guards, and a hat that he wanted for soccer and then I was able to go on the app and figure out where I could purchase them for the best prices. He’s officially all set for his first week of practice, and we saved at least $30 by using Flipp to find the best deals.

Apparently my son also thinks that when you just click an item in the app, it will magically be shipped to our home, (no $ needed) so he asked for us to download Flipp on his tablet as well so he can browse for soccer balls! LOL

Download the free Flipp app today for iOS or Android and let us know how you used it to help you save for back-to-school activities!

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